Star Wars #17
November 1978
"Crucible!", 17ppg, $0.35

Writer, Editor: Archie Goodwin
Plotter: Chris Claremont
Artist: Herb Trimpe
Artist: Allen Milgrom
Letterer: Rick Parker
Colorist: Marie Severin
Consulting Editor: Jim Shooter
Cover Artist: Dave Cockrum
Cover Artist: Bob McLeod

womp rat, sand rodent, bantha

R2-D2 (Artoo Detoo) (in flashback), C-3PO (See Threepio) (in flashback)

Death Star (in flashback), Tatooine, Lars moisture farm, Beggar's Canyon

skyhopper pilots

Tusken Raider

Millennium Falcon, TIE fighter (in flashback), X-wing starfighter (in flashback)

gaderffii (gaffi stick)

landspeeder, skyhopper

Though both listed as artists, Herb Trimpe is primarily a penciler and Allen (Al) Milgrom is primarily an inker. The cover art is done by Dave Cockrum and Bob McLeod and is signed by the two.

The gaderffii stick is misspelled 'gaderffi'. And the phrase "Bantha Raider" should, of course, be "Bantha rider".

This issue contains the Star-Words letter page, with letters from Raymond Davis, Julie Cesari, Frank Ortega, Charles David Haskell, & The Starwarriors in Calgary, Alberta.
While at the controls of the Millennium Falcon Luke Skywalker recalls an adventure of his youth on Tatooine.

Tatooine. Desert World. A womp rat attacks and eats a smaller desert animal, before being blasted by Luke in his landspeeder. Proud of his kill, he picks up the carcass of the rodent and heads home, ignoring the fact that he nearly flipped his speeder making the kill. He does not see the Tusken Raider watching his every move.

Back at the Lars homestead, Luke returns to the angry tones of his Uncle Owen. Owen is a little chaffed that Luke has not fixed the Treadwell droid and yet is asking to go to Biggs farewell celebration. With Beru's urging that he let a brother leave without saying good-bye, Owen reluctantly agrees. Luke asks his aunt what went on between his father and his uncle. She tells him that Owen just depended on him staying and helping, but he still loves Luke. He admits he feels guilty about wanting to leave.

Later that night, while tuning up his skyhopper, Luke fantasizes about leading a spacefighter attack on a slaver ship, rescuing and falling in love with the beautiful hostage. He is shaken from his daydream by his uncle telling him that he is shutting down the external power.

The next day at Beggar's Canyon Luke joins up with Biggs as they race thru the canyon, moving faster and edging others out of the race until just the two of them are left. Biggs overtakes Luke and fires his braking jets forcing Luke out of the canyon. He then fires his missiles scoring a direct hit on the womp rat nest.

The young pilots celebrate after the race until a militia scout crashes his landspeeder nearby. He claims some Tusken Raiders are on the war path after a supply caravan polluted their sacred well. The skyhoppers are suddenly attacked, but the pilots are unable to call for help due to atmospheric interference.

Luke and Biggs race for their skyhopper, hoping to get to back to the Lars farm to get help. They are ambushed by a Sandperson that throws a gaderffii stick at Biggs' shoulder before Luke is able to kill him. The tip, laced with sand bat venom, causes Biggs much pain and Luke realizes he must make haste if he is to save his friend.

Luke pilots the skyhopper through Beggar's Canyon and makes the dangerous passage through Diablo's Cut. Narrowly missing the sides Luke manages to make it through safely but crashes near his uncle's farm as shots from Tusken rifles ignite his afterburner.

Getting Biggs safely inside and medicated, and having the militia called, Luke feels like he has passed some sort of test.

Of course the greatest test was yet to come and Luke went on to have greater adventures with new friends.

Han snaps Luke out of his daydream, apologizing for not relieving him of the cockpit duty. Luke tells Han that it was no problem. He is exactly where he wants to be.

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