Star Wars #18
December 1978
"The Empire Strikes", 17ppg, $0.35

Writer, Editor: Archie Goodwin
Artist, Cover Pencils: Carmine Infantino
Artist: Gene Day
Letterer: Rick Parker
Colorist: Janice Cohen
Cover Inker: Bob Wiacek
Consulting Editor: Jim Shooter

Master-Com, C-3PO (See Threepio), R2-D2 (Artoo Detoo)

The Wheel


merchant ship, Imperial light cruiser, Millennium Falcon, TIE Advanced x1 Starfighter

med-pack, training remote

Though both listed as artists, Carmine Infantino is primarily a penciler and Gene Day is primarily an inker. The cover art is done by Carmine Infantino and Bob Wiacek and is signed by the two.

This issue contains the Star-Words letter page, with letters from Jill Marie Crowther, Linda & Carol Mullaney, Steven Hauserman, L. Stephen Borer, and Scott Johnson.
The Millennium Falcon is on its way back to the rebel base on the fourth moon of Yavin, when Threepio call out to Han and Leia. It appears that Luke has passed out. They can detect nothing physically wrong with him. Luckily Artoo has recorded what happened and plays it back for them.

After a quick practice session with his lightsaber, Luke tries to focus his thoughts and meditate to get closer to the Force. His thoughts drift away until he suddenly screams and passes out.

Han drops out of hyperspace to find some medical attention, but due to mechanical difficulties, is of course, and in a military containment zone. He blasts a lone TIE fighter and then they discover a derelict Tagge merchant ship and a rebel floating in the debris. They bring him on board and discover that he was a prisoner and placed on board after the attack. The Imperials raided the ship and set it up to look like a Rebel attack. Han thinks that's a huge amount of effort, given that a member of the Tagge clan is also and Imperial commander.

Before they can figure out more reasons for the deception, they are fired on by a light cruiser, commanded by Commander Strom. He chases them right into sight of The Wheel, a gambling palace, and their best chance at sanctuary.

The Falcon screeches to halt inside the pleasure station, but Strom sends in a boarding party, determined to kill every last being on the smuggler ship. The administrator of The Wheel, Senator Greyshade, is informed of the breach of etiquette by his robotic servant, Master-Com. He in turn contacts the Imperial commander and reminds him of the arrangement they have; leave the patrons of The Wheel alone, and take the profits that come as a result. Strom agrees, but makes sure to mention that the fugitives he seeks plundered and destroyed a House of Tagge merchant ship and made off with Wheel profits. The Senator of course agrees after hearing this, indicating he'd like one alive for questioning. Storm has other ideas and conveniently decides to leave that part of the order out.

Elsewhere, Threepio is carrying Luke to a medical facility when they and Artoo are stopped by a squad of Stormtroopers with orders to kill. Greyshade watches this on his holocam along with the capture of another pair of fugitives, the woman whom he instantly recognizes as Princess Leia. He tells Master-Com that either Strom is unaware of whom he is chasing or he is entirely thick headed, and that they must act quickly.

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