Star Wars: A New Hope – The Special Edition #4
April 1997
22ppg, $2.95

Script Adaptation: Bruce Jones
Artist: Eduardo Barreto
Inker: Al Williamson
Inker: Carlos Garzon
Colorist: Cary S. Porter
Letterer: Steve Dutro
Cover Artist: Dave Dorman
Editor: Bob Cooper
Assistant Editor: Dave Land
Book Design: Scott Tice
Screenplay: George Lucas

C-3PO (See Threepio), R2-D2 (Artoo Detoo)

Death Star, Yavin 4

TIE fighter pilots, Stormtroopers

X-wing starfighter, Y-wing starfighter, TIE Advanced x1 Starfighter, Millennium Falcon


This issue concludes the official four issue adaptation of Star Wars: A New Hope Special Edition.
Gold Leader and his ships begin their attack run. Surface cannons open fire on the ship as Princess Leia listens to the battle from the command center.

An explosion hits just in front of Luke's ship, which he barely manages to evade. Within the battle station, Vader order the TIE pilots to their ships. Porkins blasts the station, causing explosions to the inside, but is quickly dispatched by a blast from a turbolaser.

As the attacks continue, a squadron of TIE fighters bear down on the rebels. Several ships break away from the main formation so Vader takes two pilots and heads for his ship.

Gold Leader and his Y-wings line up for their shot. Vader's squad comes up behind them and slowly destroys one Y-wing after the other. An officer informs Tarkin that there may be a weakness in the battle station, but he dismisses it.

Red Leader sets up for his attack run. Vader takes out his wingmen, but not before Red Leader fires his missiles. They do not go in and impact on the surface.

Luke, Biggs and Wedge then start their attack run. The Death Star slowly gets closer to the Yavin moon. Wedge is hit and can't keep up, so Luke orders him back.

Vader ignites his lasers and Biggs' ship explodes in a fireball. Luke lines up for his run, but hears a mysterious voice. He turns off his targeting computer. Artoo is hit by laser fire.

The space station comes into range and Tarkin gives the order to fire. Vader lines up behind Luke, just as his wingman explodes. Han screams and the Millennium Falcon comes screaming out of the sky. Vader strikes his other wingman and tumbles off into space.

Luke fires his torpedoes and they race into the shaft. The rebel ships fly away from the space station as it explodes into a brilliant fireball.

Back on Yavin, the rebels celebrate their victory with a medal ceremony as everyone is safe and secure.

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