Star Wars: Hasbro/Toys R Us Exclusive #2
May 2002
"Most Precious Weapon", 10ppg, $0.00

Script: Jason Hall
Penciller: Francis Portela
Inker: Albert Xiques
Colorist, Letterer: Digital Chameleon
Book Design: Darin Fabrick
Assistant Editor: Philip Simon
Editor: Dave Land
Publisher: Mike Richardson

Count Dooku, Anakin Skywalker

Yoda, Obi-Wan Kenobi

Geonosis, asteroid field

Geonosian solar sailer

Count Dooku's lightsaber

This series of comics were released in Toys R Us stores right after the release of Attack of the Clones. Each were given away free, usually at the customer service counter, though some were placed in the Star Wars aisle.

For the most part these stories can be considered out of continuity as they are basically ads for the Star Wars toy line.
Count Dooku is flying back to Coruscant after escaping Geonosis. He muses on his recent exhilarating encounter with the Jedi. He recalls his Master Yoda's words on the Jedi's most precious weapon, their lightsaber.

Dooku then turns his memory to the lightsaber battle with Anakin and Obi-Wan. He remembers how initially foolish he thought Anakin and what a good swordsman Obi-Wan was. He expected more from Obi-Wan, and at that point, Anakin actually surprised him.

Anakin utilizes two lightsabers in his battle with Count Dooku, and is strong in the force, Dooku remembers. Dooku was able to disarm Anakin both figuratively and literally, when Master Yoda showed up. Dooku vows to teach Yoda and the Jedi a lesson one day soon.

But as he approaches Coruscant he makes a mental note to inform his master, Darth Sidious, of the young padawan that impressed him so much.

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