Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi – Dark Lords of the Sith, Book One #2
November 1994
"The Quest for the Sith", 25ppg, $2.50

Writer: Tom Veitch
Writer: Kevin J. Anderson
Penciller: Chris Gossett
Inker: Jordi Ensign
Letterer: Willie Schubert
Colorist: Pamela Rambo
Cover Artist: Hugh Fleming
Book Design: Scott Tice
Editor: Dan Thorsland
Editor: Ryder Windham

space grazer (sith illusion), Dxun Beasts (described as Dxun flying beast)

Onderon, Koros Major, Dxun, Korriban

Izizians (gathered in market square), The Krath, Krath shocktroops, Tetan warriors

Republic Space Fleet, Tetan Assault ship, Starstorm One, Tetan chaos fighters

As with other issues of the Tales of the Jedi series, the first page is a "opening crawl" describing the events, briefly, from the previous issue.
Masquerading as a Jedi archaeologist, Exar Kun lands on the Jedi occupied world of Onderon. He is searching out relics from Freedon Nadd and the ancient Sith. He is greeted by Cay Qel-Droma and Tott Doneeta and inform him that the artifacts have been shipped to Ossus for further investigation. As Master Arca arrives, he tells Kun that they can not help him and that he is aware that Kun is no archaeologist. Kun storms off for the city of Iziz to see what else he may learn.

Elsewhere in the Empress Teta system, the Krath have loaded their assault ships with shocktroops and begin landing on Koros Major, the last of the seven planets to hold out in the take over. From a orbiting station, Aleema uses her Sith magic and illusions to confuse the enemy and turn the battle in their favor. Suddenly the joint peace keeping fleet of the Jedi and the Republic enters the system. Aleema uses her powers to conjure a herd of space grazers to attack the fleet. Ulic and the rest of the Republic forces are fooled, but Nomi and her battle meditation sense that this is all just a Dark Side illusion.

Back in the city of Iziz, Exar Kun wanders the streets searching for clues to the location of the ancient Sith items. He comes upon two street philosophers, Nebo and Rask, who assail the crowd with talk of Freedon Nadd and the meddling Jedi. Kun stops the crowd from attacking the men, and in return they agree to show the rogue Jedi the location of Freedon Nadd's remains.

They lead Kun to the Dxun moon and the temple that Master Arca had built. After defeating a Dxun beast, and using all his power to carve his way through the exterior of the tomb, Exar Kun finally discovers the remains of the dead Sith. Nadd's spirit leads Kun to find two Sith scrolls hidden behind his body and begins to lead the young Jedi further in to the mystery that is the path to the Dark Side.

Upon exiting the tomb, Kun's two compatriots have had a change of heart and draw their weapons on him. His anger comes swiftly and he cuts them down before he is aware what has happened. Exar begins to question his role in the events that are unfolding. He is scared of the actions that he is taking, but at the same time exhilarated by the power he is witness to.

Having realized the Sith illusions, the Republic forces storm the Krath's command post. The Krath launch a huge fleet of Chaos fighters, which Nomi also realizes are illusions. She is able to touch Aleema's mind and cause the young Tetan to halt her charade. It is at that moment the Republic captain realizes that only some of the Chaos fighters are illusions. The remaining real fighters rip through the hulls of the ships causing many injuries. One of the injuries is Ulic Qel-Droma. Nomi beats herself up for not realizing the trap sooner.

Elsewhere on his ship Starstorm One, Exar Kun reads over the ancient scrolls written by Freedon Nadd's master and discovers the final resting place of the Sith. He sets his course for the planet Korriban!

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