Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi – The Freedon Nadd Uprising #2
September 1994
"Initiates of the Sith", 23ppg, $2.50

Writer: Tom Veitch
Artist: Tony Akins
Artist: Denis Rodier
Letterer: Willie Schubert
Colorist: Suzanne Bourdages
Cover Artist: Dave Dorman
Editor: Dan Thorsland
Book Design: Scott Tice

Onderonian lizard mount

Sith war droid

Dxun, Onderon

Republic Rocket Jumpers, Naddists, Republic Forces, Beast Warriors

Onderonian shuttle, Republic transport, Ossun Jedi cruiser, Republic Troop Ships, Krath Enchanter

Sith amulet, swords of the Sith

Naddist Troop transport

As with other issues of the Tales of the Jedi series, the first page is a "opening crawl" describing the events, briefly, from the previous issue.
The Republic has come to the aide of Onderon and is deploying massive amounts of troops and rocket-jumpers as the Krath Enchanter, Satal and Aleema's Tetan yacht enters the airspace above the city of Iziz. It is hit and crashes, but fortunately the two young aristocrats make it out before the fuel tanks rupture.

As large Naddist troop transports assault the forest citadel, the Jedi cruisers from Ossus land and the fresh warriors disembark to take on the gathering hordes. The Jedi encounter strange dark side resistance to their Force aided powers, and Kith Kark is blasted by a laser cannon as a result.

Ulic, Cay and their group emerge from the citadel, heartened by the fresh light side energy the new Jedi have brought. As the tide of battle begins to turn towards the Jedi, Nomi attempts to use her gifts in Jedi battle meditation, but receives a massive backlash through the Force, knocking her down, but not out.

Elsewhere on the planet, Satal and Aleema have asked around about their Sith book, hoping to find someone who can teach them about the power of the ancient magicians. A scarred Naddist takes them to see his Master, King Ommin who offers to share his powers, if he can make a copy of the book. To show his intentions, Ommin lets Satal borrow a Sith amulet when worn allows him to read the ancient tome perfectly.

Ommin then shows the young Tetans his prized possession, the imprisoned form of Arca, a Jedi master. Ommin hopes to turn him into a dark Jedi, but before he can begin trying the Jedi warriors storm into the secret lair. Cay Qel-Droma loses his droid arm to a Dark Side protector before vanquishing him. Ulic and Nomi fight their way through to Ommin who blasts them with dark side energies. Charging the Naddist leader, Ulic uses his lightsaber, not against the powerful would-be Sith lord, but on the metal armature holding his brittle bones. Screaming to Freedon Nadd for protection, King Ommin collapses in a heap.

Satal and Aleema make a hasty retreat where they encounter the spirit of Freedon Nadd, who allows them to take the book and the amulet, plus gives them two Sith swords, and lets them know they are the future of his work. They escape as Nadd returns to Ommin and silences his pathetic whimpering before warning the Jedi that one or two of them already belong to the dark side, and that they have already lost. he then vanishes.

Satal and Aleema sneak aboard a Republic transport that will take them back to the Empress Teta system as the Onderonians finally are able to deliver the sarcophagi to the Dxun moon where the bodies of Freedon Nadd, Queen Amanoa, and now King Ommin are to be entombed forever. Master Arca lets the assembled Jedi know of an ancient Sith prophecy that the Dark Lords will rise again. He also reminds his students to stick to the light, within which there can be no darkness.

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