Star Wars: X-Wing Rogue Squadron #3
September 1995
"The Rebel Opposition" Chapter 3, 24ppg, $2.95

Story: Michael A. Stackpole
Script: Mike Baron
Penciler: Allen Nunis
Inker: Andy Mushynsky
Colorist: Dave Nestelle
Letterer: Steve Dutro
Cover Artist: Dave Dorman
Book Design: Scott Tice
Editor: Ryder Windham

Tycho Celchu, Wedge Antilles, Elscol Loro, Wes Janson

Winter, Dllr Nep, Derek 'Hobbie' Klivian, Groznik, Plourr Ilo

Vance Rego (revealed as traitor), Major Grode (dies)

"Rebel rock" (rebel sharpshooter)


protocol droid (in background of Rogue base)

Cilpar (shown with two moons)

Stormtroopers (one identified as Major Ego), Spacetroopers (abandoned armor)

Sullustan, Wookiee

TIE fighter, TIE interceptor, X-wing starfighter

Imperial Speeder Bike, floater

To date, the first four issues of X-Wing Rogue Squadron have never been published as part of a Trade Paperback. One reason may be the poor dialog, inconsistencies and holes in the plot from issue to issue. Reading this in one sitting reveals several errors including, previously being introduced to a Moff Boren Tascl, and Vance referring to a Moff Fasel in this issue.
Having convinced the local Garrison that he is a downed Imperial pilot, Major Tycho Celchu finds himself in a TIE fighter racing towards the Rebel weapons depot on a search and destroy mission. Remembering Winters advice, he contacts his R2 unit to remotely control his ship and warn his fellow Squadron members.

At the weapons depot, Elscol, Wedge and Vance load the weapons onto a floater. Dllr warns Wedge that something is coming as an X-wing races over the tree tops. Wedge, realizing this is a warning, orders everyone out as the sound of TIE fighters can begin to be heard.

Tycho's droid controlled fighter acquires his TIE fighter for a moment before Major Grode attempts to shoot it down. Back on the ground, Elscol pilots the speeder roughly over the terrain, drawing a TIE in towards Groznik. The wookiee use a large branch as a weapon and de-wings the Imperial craft, hurtling it into the trees. They race through a gap in the rocks with another eyeball hot on their tail. Luckily Elscol has ground support set up, as a Rebel sharpshooter takes out the craft.

The droid controlled X-wing shows a lot better piloting than Tycho would have expected, especially when it shoots down Major Grode and Tycho himself. He manages to eject safely into the woods. The X-wing returns to it's landing zone outside the cave where Wes is still holed up. Winter steps out of the craft, a little bemused by the little sidetrip she just took.

Wedge has a conference with Elscol and decides that she should try and contact her Alliance liaison, Targeter. She asks Vance to go pick her up. Tycho stumbles on the depot and sees Vance arrive to take the Imperial Space Trooper suit with him.

While in the cave, Winter and Wes enjoy some small talk. Wes is still itching to know why Tycho defected and Winter lays the whole story out to him; the destruction of his home planet of Alderaan, his family and his fiancée. She hears something as Vance comes into the cave entrance, claiming to be sent by the local resistance. He believes her to be Princess Leia, and pulls his blaster on her. A squadron of stormtroopers back him up as he gloats how much Moff Fasel will enjoy meeting the famous Princess Leia.

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