Dark Horse Presents Annual 1999: DHP Jr
August 1999
Luke Skywalker's "Walkabout", 10ppg, $4.95

Script & Pencils: Phil Norwood
Inker: Shannon Eric Denton
Letterer: Amador Cisneros
Inspiration: Brian Daley

dewback (Huey, Luke's 'pet', dies), krayt dragon

Tatooine, Lars moisture farm

This 1999 Dark Horse Annual, subtitled DHP Jr. tells the stories of various Dark Horse characters, before they were famous.

Besides the Star Wars story, there are also stories for Xena Warrior Princess called "The Worm", Hellboy's "Pancakes", Usagi Yojimbo in "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Tournament", Ghost in "My Sister's Keeper", "Groo for Sale", "Orange Glow" with Concrete, and The Mask's "Angry Young Mask".

Brian Daley's name is misspelled "Daily" in the credits. Luke introduces Windy as 'Windy Marstrap' at the end of the story, when the televised bulletin calls him 'Windom Starkiller'.
On a trek with his friend Windy to Ja-Mero ridge in an attempt to prove his mettle, Luke Skywalker becomes lost in the desert with no radio and an incoming sandswirl. The dewback they are riding, Huey, becomes spooked and takes off, dumping the boys in a canyon. Luke and Windy argue over being lost and now without transport. Luke decides to go after Huey.

He finds him right away, but the creature is spooked. That's when the boys notice the Krayt Dragon coming toward them. Protecting his pet dewback, Luke blasts the monster several times with his rifle, but it does nothing.

Managing to avoid the Dragon's bite, Luke crawls into a narrow crevice with Windy. Huey, unfortunately, is not so lucky as he becomes a snack for the large beast. Windy is panicked and crying for his mama as the Krayt Dragon rams the walls of the cnayon trying to get to the boys.

Luke suddenly hears something; a howling of sorts.

When they peek out of the crevice, the Krayt Dragon has fallen asleep. They debate whether or not to attempt to sneak around the dozing monster, when Ben Kenobi walks in and offers them help getting home.

The two boys and the old man walk into the eye of the storm, keeping pace with it til shelter can be found. Luke admits to Ben that he feels guilty for getting Huey killed. Kenobi shows Luke the valuable lesson learned, and how all events have consequences that ripple through others.

The next morning they return safely to the Lars Farm. Windy's parents hug him, while Luke's Uncle Owen curtly drags Ben off his property. When his wife Beru chastises him for his manners, saying that Kenobi had just saved the boys life, Owen says that he just saved Luke's life as well.

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