Marvel Special Edition featuring Star Wars #1
August 1977
53ppg, $1.00

Scripter, Editor: Roy Thomas
Artist, Embellisher: Howard Chaykin
Artist, Embellisher: Steve Leialoha
Cover Artist: Rick Hoberg
Cover Artist: Dave Cockrum
Staff and Such: Jim Novak
Staff and Such: Tom Orzechowski
Staff and Such: Marie Severin
Staff and Such: Ralph Macchio
Staff and Such: Nelson Yomtov
Staff and Such: Nora Maclin
Staff and Such: Irene Vartanoff
Staff and Such: Jim Salicrup
Staff and Such: Mary Mac
Staff and Such: Len Grow
Production Manager: John Verpoorten
Consulting Editor-in-Chief: Archie Goodwin
Art Director: John Romita

This oversized comic, sometime called a Treasury Edition, reprints Star Wars #1-3 in their entirety. It removes any credits but keeps the chapter titles intact. There are no ads in the issue, but there is one page, just prior to Chapter Three, that lists the cast and crew of the film, plus the last page is a cover gallery of the first three issues, that this issue reprints.

The inside front and back covers have black and white stills from the film. They are Luke and the Droids in the Lars garage; Han, Chewie, Ben and Luke at a table in the Mos Eisley cantina; and Tarkin, Leia and Vader on the bridge of the Death Star.

This issue comes in two cover variants. One with just a number and price box that has the Curtis Circulation Corp. logo and 02385. The other does not have the CCC and number, but a large Whitman 'W' instead. The contents of each issue is the same.

No actual month is listed for this 1977 issue. We know that it was published after issue #3 of the monthly series, and is a quarterly publication (according to the indicia). The second to last page of the issue notes that 'Star Wars Treasury #2' will be 'On Sale in October'. However on the first page of issue #2, the opening text says that 'Two months ago, you thrilled to Star Wars Treasury #1.' So that indicates this is most likely an August issue.

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