Star Wars: Tales – Free Comic Book Day 2002 Special
May 2002
"A Jedi's Weapon"

Writer: Henry Gilroy
Penciller: Manuel Garcia
Inker: Jimmy Palmiotti
Colorist: Guy Major
Letterer: Steve Dutro




This is the first annual Free Comic Book Day.

This story is a foreshadowing of the events in Attack of the Clones when Anakin loses his lightsaber.
At the Republic Diplomatic quarters on Coruscant, Obi-Wan is reminding Anakin how to behave during their meeting with the sovereign king of Kashir. They must follow strict protocol, including wearing their weapons in plain sight to help maintain the trust.

They enter the quarters and introduce themselves to the king. He in turn, introduces the Jedi to his four wives, all of whom are scantily clad and very beautiful. The king dismisses them. As they walk by Anakin, he is dumbstruck by them. The Jedi and the King then sit down to dine and discuss.

King Ma-Dred expresses his concern for his wives so far away from their home. He has only two guards and would appreciate the Jedi helping guard the turbolift so that he may get some sleep. Obi-Wan agrees.

Outside the wives quarters' Obi-Wan explains to Anakin that the Kashirim are notorious in the galaxy for stealing. It is then that Anakin notices his own lightsaber is missing.

He excuses himself to the refresher and sneaks out the window, along the ledge, and into the wives room. The wives jump on him, holding daggers to his neck until they see he holds no danger. They are obviously interested in a man in their room, but let him know that Ashala has his weapon. And she is next door, in the king's room.

Anakin sees that the door to the king's chamber is guarded by his two guards. Using his Jedi powers, he causes the guards to leave their post to investigate a sound. He enters the bedroom to find Ashala and the king, who is sleeping most deeply.

Anakin asks for his lightsaber back, but Ashala plays coy with him, saying she may have been testing his integrity. But then she admits she no longer has it. The guards return outside the door and realize that someone else is inside with the king. They enter as Anakin sneaks back out the window and into the refresher.

He emerges to let Obi-Wan know that he has lost something. Obi-Wan produces Anakin's lightsaber, telling his padawan that he must be more careful. he noticed that Ashala had taken it earlier and he used the Force to retrieve it. Obi-Wan reminds Anakin that his saber is his life, and he must learn to trust with his Master. Anakin apologizes. He then lets Obi-Wan know he climbed out on the ledge. Obi-Wan screams at this revelation!

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