Star Wars Adventures #12
July 2018
"Intermission" part 1, 12ppg, $3.99

Writer, Artist, Cover Artist: Elsa Charretier
Writer: Pierrick Colinet
Colorist: Sarah Stern
Letterer: Tom B. Long
Cover Colors: Nick Filardi
Assistant Editor: Elizabeth Brei
Editor: Bobby Curnow
Editor: Denton J. Tipton
Publisher: Greg Goldstein

"Tales from Wild Space: A Small Push", 8ppg, $3.99

Writer: Scott Peterson
Artist: Alain Mauricet (as Mauricet)
Artist, Cover Artist, Colorist: Valentina Pinto
Letterer: Tom B. Long

Trade Paperbacks and Alternate Covers
Star Wars Adventures 12 (Alain Mauricet variant) Star Wars Adventures 12 (Nicoletta Baldari variant)

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