Star Wars Galaxy Collector #4
November 1998
48ppg, $3.95

This issue was not bagged as previous issues and includes a poster of Posters insert.

"Not Your Run-of-the-Mill Star Wears" by Josh Izzo — Star Wars clothing
"Rogue Leaders" by David Pipgras — Interview with Michael Stackpole and Aaron Allston
"Where Wookiees meet Cookies" by Gus Lopez — Cookie containers
"Teaser Toys" by Bob Woods — Episode I preview toys
"Customizers in Their Own Words" by Sean Aune

"Rebel Report" by Bob Woods
"Around the Galaxy" by David Pipgras, Josh Izzo, & Martin Thurn
"ComicScan" by Rich Handley — unproduced Comic stories
"Star Wars Stuff" by Steve Sansweet — Mini Catalogs Reveal Maximum Treasures; Kenner catalogs
"Kenner Action Figure Price List" by Josh Ling
"Collector's Comlink" by Steve Sansweet
"Fantastic Fans" by Marc Patten — Profiling Mark Minicuci
"Use the Force" — Figure pictures