Star Wars Insider #31
Fall 1996


"A New Hope: Making Movie Magic at Decipher" by Jack Scrip
"Wicket Unleashed" by Scott Chernoff — Interview with Warwick Davis
"Building a Better Jedi" by Jon Bradley Snyder — Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II interview with Justin Chin
"The Man Who Filmed Star Wars: An Interview with Gil Taylor" by Jamie Painter
"Kenner is Cooking with Star Wars" by Stephen J. Sansweet

"Rebel Rumblings"
"Prequel Update" by Dan Madsen
"Star News" by Jon Bradley Snyder
"The New Wonder Column" by Anthony Daniels
"The Star Wars Universe" by Scott Chernoff — Michael Carter as Bib Fortuna
"Straight From the Horse's Mouth" by Bob Cooper — Edvin Biukovic Interview
"Scouting the Galaxy" by Stephen J. Sansweet