Star Wars Insider #34
Summer 1997


"Mark Hamill: The Jedi Speaks" by Jacquie Kubin
"My Father the Jedi" by Nathan Hamill — Growing up as Mark Hamill's son
"Jon Fass Morton: Dack is Back" by Scott Chernoff & Jon Bradley Snyder
"Coruscant" by Athena Portillo — Interview with Doug Chiang, John Knoll, and Ralph McQuarrie
"Shawn Valdez" by Steve Sansweet

"Rebel Rumblings"
"Prequel Update" by Dan Madsen
"Star News" — updating Star Tours
"In the Star Wars Universe" by Scott Chernoff — Femi Taylor as Oola
"The New Wonder Column" by Anthony Daniels
"Scouting the Galaxy" by Steve Sansweet
"Straight From the Horse's Mouth" by Bob Cooper — X-Wing Rogue Squadron