Star Wars Insider #38
June/July 1998


"Samuel L. Jackson: Pulp Jedi" by Scott Chernoff — as Mace Windu
"The Simpsons and Star Wars" by Scott Chernoff — references aplenty
"Billy Dee Williams: Lando Speaks" by Scott Chernoff
"Poll: Your Favorite Star Wars Character" by Jon Bradley Snyder

"Rebel Rumblings"
"Prequel Update" by Dan Madsen
"Prequel Profile" by Jamie Painter — Nick Gillard, Stunt Coordinator
"In the Star Wars Universe" by Scott Chernoff — Drewe Henley as Red Leader
"Star News"
"The Wonder Column" by Anthony Daniels
"Straight From the Horse's Mouth" by Peet Janes — Remembering Archie Goodwin
"Scouting the Galaxy" by Steve Sansweet