Star Wars Insider #39

August/September 1998



"Jake Lloyd: Child of the Force" by Scott Chernoff
"Terry Brooks: Sword of the Jedi" by Scott Chernoff — Episode I Novel
"Kenny Baker & Warwick Davis" — Episode I interview
"Doug Chiang: From Concept to Screen" by David West Reynolds — Episode I Design

"Rebel Rumblings"
"Prequel Update" by Dan Madsen
"Prequel Profile" by Jamie Painter — Don Bies, Droid Wrangler
"In the Star Wars Universe" by Scott Chernoff — Mon Mothma (Caroline Blakiston)
"Star News" — LEGO, Decipher Tournament
"Straight From the Horse's Mouth" by Peet Janes — Mara Jade mini series
"Scouting the Galaxy" by Steve Sansweet
"The Last Page" by Russ Kaiser — Falcon in the Asteroids

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1- Jabba Gets ET
2- Feel The Jabba
3- Jabba Looooooves Cereal
4- Jabba Doesn't Eat No Chalupas
5- Jabba Goes To The Dentist
6- Hutts N' Roses Got Groupies
7- Jabba Gets His Jerry Beads
8- Salmon Run
9- Seabiscuit
10- Jabba Kong
11- Trying To Win The Trophy
12- Ben Hutt
13- Eight Seconds
14- Wrecking Ball
15- Aaaaall You Can Eat
16- Rushmore
17- Worrt's Supper
18- Jabba Spirit
19- Weebles Wobble
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