Star Wars Insider #98

January/February 2008


There are two cover variants for this issue. The first is the newsstand edition. The second was shipped exclusive to comic book stores through Diamond Distributors.

Fan Club Hyperspace members can view exclusive content for this issue online with the Insider #98 Online Supplement. Content includes Star Garrison Flies at Space Center Houston, Colin Higgins: A Rebel for a Day, Can You Hear the Force?, Pirates of the Boards Part VI, Fabric of the Universe: John Mollo and One Click Away.


"Roger Christian: Galaxy Builder" by Jonathan Wilkins — Star Wars set decorator
"Ben Burtt: Can You hear the Force?" by Patrick Jankiewicz — Sound designer, with art by JAKe
"The Man Who Sold Star Wars" by Brian J. Robb — All about Charles Lippincott, LFL's marketing chief
"The Other R2-D2" by Abbie Bernstein — Director Mick Garris shares his memories of being Lipincott's assisstant
"Pirates of the Boards: Part Six" by J.W. Rinzler — The battle of the Death Star
"Fabric of the Universe" by Brian J. Robb & Jonathan Wilkins — Costume Designer John Mollo
"Star Players" by Scott Chernoff & Jonathan Wilkins — Background characters, Anthony Forrest, Paul Blake, Colin Higgins, Garrick Hagon.

"Editor’s Welcome" by Brian J. Robb
"Com-Scan" — Lucas talks about live action Clone Wars, Luke's lightsaber in space
"Best of" by Pete Vilmur — Old school Star Wars: educational materials from the 1970's
"Books" by Jason Fry — Aaron Allston's Fury and the Star Wars Vault
"Comics" by Daniel Wallace — Plotting Vector!
"Toys" by Jeremy Beckett — Battlefront Battle Packs, Han Solo Maquette, Sideshow Luke Bespin
"Q&A" by Leland Y. Chee
"Scouting the Galaxy" by Steve Sansweet — Rancho Obi-Wan Party
"International Collecting" by Gus Lopez — Swedish collectibles
"Set Piece" by Chris Trevas & Chris Reiff — Massassi Temple Throne Room
"Padawan's Corner" by Cynthia Cummens — Draw an Ewok
"Bantha Tracks" by Mary Franklin — Best of 2007
"The Indy Vault" by J.W. Rinzler — Part 6: Catacombs and Sallah's balcony

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