MAD Spoofs Star Wars
December 2017

Includes "Rough One - A Star Bores Snorer" from Mad #545, "The Official Stormtrooper Recruitment Pamphlet" from Mad #540, "The Death Star 3.0 Kickstarter Campaign" from Mad #536, "What Caused Anakin Skywalker to Become Darth Vader?" from Mad #454, "A Mad Look at Star Wars" from Mad #197, "What Has Luke Skywalker Been Up To For the Last 30 Years?" from Mad #529, "Dancing with the Star Wars" from Mad #509, "ForceSonic 92-cm Lightsaber Owner's Manual" from Mad #537, "Star Wars - The Sales Force Awakens" and "A Mad Look At Star Wars - The Force Awakens" from Mad #538, "The Jedi Bunch" from Mad #418 and "Star Bores - The Snores Awaken" from Mad #539, plus some other SciFi related spoofs and parodies.

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