Also available from Lili Ledy there was a Darth Vader Collector case and Chewbacca Bandolier Strap, both of them were the same as was distributed by Kenner. Other Star Wars items were a set of five puzzles and a few coloring figurines. Of course there was the 12 inch Star Wars line with the famous (or infamous) Tusken Raider but this collection will be featured on another article.


The Star Wars Universe Collectors Club from Monterrey give us the next tips for recognizing Lili Ledy figures:

  1. All carded Lili Ledy figures came with a bubble fitting almost perfectly the action figure. Some figures like the Gamorrean Guard had an inner bubble.
  2. For an unknown reason the Lili Ledy bubbles won´t get as yellow as the Kenner.
  3. Lili Ledy used different types of glue between the earlier and latter figures so some of the may pop out or can get a little dark while others remain sealed perfectly.
  4. The Cardbacks got a hole or perforation right behind the figure (Why?, no one knows).
  5. The cardbacks had no protection so in most cases they get dark or reddish.
  6. The "unpunched" cards DO exist although they are extremely rare.
  7. Because the different plastic used in these figures they get an "oily" look.
  8. ALL the weapons were attached to the bubble with a tape; of course it may get loose but the tape MUST be inside the bubble.
  9. Some figures had a different weapon (Biker Scout can be found with two different weapons, Luke Jedi Knight can hava a Madine baton instead of lightsaber and so on).