(327th Star Corps Trooper)

(Revenge of the Sith)

Year: 2005
(Hyperspace Exclusive)

Assortment: Helmets

Retail: $399.00

Limited Edition Number:
164 of 600

Weapons and Accessories:

  • Display Stand
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Details: While no physical props of the Clone Trooper helmets were made for the film's production, each Master Replicas helmet is recreated directly from digital files supplied by Lucasfilm Ltd., and features:

  • Sturdy fiberglass construction
  • High gloss paint finish
  • Each helmet is wearable with a fully lined and padded interior with a see-through, tinted plastic lens
  • Comes with a custom display stand, metal plaque and certificate of authenticity
  • Measurements are approximately 13"Tx10.3"Wx11.5"D./li>

    Comments: As the Clone Wars race inexorably toward their tumultuous conclusion, Jedi Knights fighting alongside battalions of Clone troopers are spread throughout the galaxy engaging the droid armies of General Grievous and the Separatists.

    Clone troopers sport a multitude of insignia from the generic white trooper to colored special unit divisions. Anakin Skywalker's Special Ops Troops, identified by a unique bright blue stripe emblazoned on their helmets and chest plates, follow their dashing commander in his many heroic feats. Even Supreme Chancellor Palpatine has his own regiment - the fearsome Shock Troops. Bold red stripes across their helmets, clearly identify them as the ultimate strata in the Republic's cloned forces.

    However this army of the Republic was created under mysterious circumstances - called into existence by a shadowy puppet master. And now, as the wars reach their devastating climax, this devious, dark force manipulates his pawns and makes his grand move. As the pieces of this unsolved puzzle shockingly fall into place the Jedi finally learn the true nature of the clones...

    To create the Clone trooper helmet replica, Master Replicas was provided with the original ILM digital character files. From these were generated a 3D model to use as a master pattern to create accurate molds from which to produce the helmets in high quality fiberglass. Using original computer renders, you can be assured that the Clone trooper helmet is an exact replica, accurately repeating the multitude of subtle shapes and curves that make up this incredible piece of armor that bridges the gap between the Clone trooper forces of the prequels and the Stormtroopers of the classic trilogy.

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