Special Offers, Past, Present & Future

Fall 1998 Kenner Internet Offer
Muftak and Kabe

Muftak & Kabe

Front Back

Kabe and Muftak from the Cantina scene was the 1998 Kenner Internet exclusive offer. Long gone were the plain white boxes we had been receiving exclusive offer figures in.
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Winter 1998 Mail In Offer
Mace Windu

Offered by Hasbro as a mail in promotion, it was designed to help clear the shelves of tons of slow moving figures in anticipation of the Classic Eight and Prequel releases. The offer was limited to five per household and each required six POP's and a receipt for six Hasbro Star Wars toys dated between 10/1/98 and 12/31/98.

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Toy's "R" Us and Wal-Mart $2.00 Off
Non-Slide Frame Figures

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Macro Binocular Freeze Frame Viewer Offer

Offered on the back of action figures containing the Freeze Frame Slides initially starting with Chewie as Boushh's Prisoner and Lobot.

Binocular Offer

Freeze Frame Slide Display Holder Offer

Offered on the back of action figures containing the Freeze Frame Slides initially released in January 1998.

Slide Film Offer
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Oola & Salacious Crumb

1998 Star Wars Insider Fan Club Exclusive

Oola and Salacious Oola and Salacious

It was sold for 12.50 plus $2.00 shipping in the U.S. The fan club number is 1-800-TRUE-FAN for people calling from the USA. Outside the U.S.A. call 303-856-2205.

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SWFC Offer
Bith Cantina Band Member Figrin D'an
1997 Star Wars Insider Fan Club Exclusive

See more photos in the All Figures, All Releases Archive.

This figure is available for ordering by anybody. Each figure came with five different instruments so you could make up each of the band members. The fan club number is 1-800-TRUE-FAN for people calling from the U.S.A. Outside the U.S.A. call 303-856-2205. The International number can also be called to save time if the lines are busy, but it's a toll call.

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Past Offers

B'omarr Monk

B'omarr Monk

You could get the B'omarr Monk order form from the Star Wars Kenner site. You printed a form and mailed it in for the Monk. There was a U.S. and a Canadian order form. You could order all you wanted. U.S. $7.98 each Canada $11.74 each. The only Monk packaging variation was the instuction sheet in the box. Initial ones were .00 without a chocking warning and later .01 with a printed warning. Here is a comparison of the two instruction sheets.

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U.S. Spirit of Obi-Wan Offer

All The Ben Stuff

The Bag
The Actual Bag
The Bag
The Offer
Spirit Ben
Mail-Away Figure

Here's a photo of the Spirit of Obi-Wan figure, his box, the $5.00 off coupon that came with this one, and the corrugated mailer it came in. The coupons were 1. $5.00 off selected vehicles. 2. $5.00 Kenner Cash. 3. $2.50 off any vehicle. 4. B'omarr Monk coupon (same as the one you can get directly from Kenner. 5. Pop Up Cantina Diorama. Many people also received no coupons. Coupons were all purple and were in the courrugated mailer, not in the actual box.


Pop Up Cantina Diorama


In addition to the coupon offer, the diorama was also offered in the Star Wars Insider magazine for $7.00 each.

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Canadian Spirit of Obi-Wan Offer

The Canadian offer differed from the American offer in that all flavors of chips were involved in the Canadian offer. The image below is the actual size of the order form. The offer was only good in Canada and expired June 30, 1997.

Canada Ben
Canadian Obi-Wan Kenobi Offer