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Not every comic book story is serious.

To commemorate the 20th Anniversary of Star Wars, Entity Comics published a parody issue in June 1997. Fart Wars featured Entity Comics' characters the Skunk and Nira as they get caught up in an adventure against Roll Vader and his devastating space station that has the ability to fire off a large amount of toilet paper all at once, literally wiping out an entire planet!

With "guest stars" such as ET, Indiana Jones, Twiki, the Savage Dragon, and other memorable science fiction characters, writer/artist Bill Maus has a loads of fun with the story!

The back-up feature "Star Snores" features the Adolescent Radioactive Blackbelt Hamsters in their own Star Wars adventure aboard the Bad Breath Star, quote old G.I. JOE cartoons, and fly the Millennium Tweety Bird across the galaxy.

There were three different covers for this issue, each with a different subtitle: Fart Wars, Empire Attacks Back, and Return of the One-Eye. The autograph on the signed versions is from publisher/creator Don Chin.

Entity Comics
Fart Wars 1a Fart Wars 1b (The Empire Attacks Back) Fart Wars 1c (Return of the One-Eye)
Signed Versions
Fart Wars 1a Fart Wars 1c

In 1997, Lost Cause Productions released a parody super-hero title Spandex Tights Presents: Space Opera Part 1 that featured a fun romp through a satire of Star Wars! Judging from the back cover, there were plans for a continuation of this theme as well.

Lost Cause Productions
Spandex Tights 3: Space Opera Episode One Spandex Tights 3 (back cover)

A few days ago, in a tiny province of Montana that might as well be in a galaxy really far away, the fabulous Fillbach Bros. created a parody of truly epic proportions — the title says it all. And as with any good-natured parody, the name barely scratches the surface. In 1999, Sirius Entertainment published Toon Warz 1/8: The Fandom Menace, which spoofed Episode I. The Fillbach Bros. not only parodied the movie, but also poked a little fun at George Lucas’s entire famed universe. Four different Mark Crilley covers were available (Weird, Vain Affair, Primear, & Newspeak). The Fillbach Brothers would return to the Star Wars comic universe with the Clone Wars Adventure Digests.

Sirius Entertainment
Toon Warz 1/8: The Fandom Menace Toon Warz 1/8: The Fandom Menace (Crilley 'Vain Affair' cover variant) Toon Warz 1/8: The Fandom Menace (Crilley 'Newspeak' cover variant) Toon Warz 1/8: The Fandom Menace (Crilley 'Primear' cover variant) Toon Warz 1/8: The Fandom Menace (Crilley 'Wired' cover variant)

Produced by KaBoom studios in 2011, this 6-issue series is actually a reprint of a French series called "Nagučre les étoiles." It was originally produced as three editions from Delcourt, but when reprinted (and translated) for the American audience, each edition was divided into two parts. The first part featured the original art from the French edition, while the second issue had a cover produced from character art within the series.

Space Warped #1 Space Warped #2 Space Warped #3 Space Warped #4 Space Warped #5 Space Warped #6
Space Warped #1 (Alternate Cover)
Original French Versions
Nagučre Les Etoiles #1 Nagučre Les Etoiles #2 Nagučre Les Etoiles #3

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