(Return of the Jedi: Special Edition)

Year: 1998
(Wal-Mart Exclusive)

Retail: $11.99

Assortment: Max Rebo Band Pairs

Assortment Number: 69670/84018

UPC Number: 7628184018

Packaging Variations:

  • .00 (Puppet Sy Snootles on back)
  • .01 (CGI Sy Snootles on back)

  • Weapons and Accessories:
  • None
  • Sy Snootles:
    Height: 1.6 Meters
    Homeworld: Pa'lowick System
    Status: Vocalist for Max Rebo Band

    Joh Yowza:
    Height: 1.4 Meters
    Homeworld: Endor
    Status: Vocalist for Max Rebo Band

    Points of Interest:
  • While neither figure in this set came with accessories, they were originally planned to come with them. A pair of custom "band instruments" were available from that worked perfectly with these figures.
  • Joh Yowza is a Yuzzum from the planet Endor.
  • Sy Snootles' most famous song is called "Lapti Nek."

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