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There's much more to do then then attend panels, or stand in line for autographs! Here's a list of some of the non-scheduled programming that's happening during the convention

Building on the tremendous success of that customized stormtrooper helmet project at Celebration V, the Dented Helmet costuming group and the 501st Legion, with support from eFx are presenting Boba Fett and clone trooper helmets to talented artists and studios to be re-imagined.
The helmets, once completed, will be on display at Celebration VI, then auctioned off by Make-A-Wish online after the show, with all proceeds going to support their programs that help critically ill kids and their families. Art Andrews from The Dented Helmet, and Chris Romines from the 501st are heading up the effort.

A veteran of Star Wars Celebration V, and many other pop culture conventions and live appearances, chalk artist Eric Maruscak will return to Orlando for Star Wars Celebration VI this August. Fans can stop by his work area in the Celebration Experience Exhibit Hall to check on his progress, as he completes a giant Star Wars mural. Starting when the show opens on Thursday, the mural will take shape every day, and be finished by Sunday afternoon.

The Celebration VI Collector Showcase is the collectors chance to provide fellow enthusiasts with ideas on how to make their own collections shine. Select images from those submitted will be displayed in the Collectors' community area at Star Wars Celebration VI.

Open every day of the show, the Family Room offers a variety of fun activities that kids and their families can participate in together. Parents and kids can drop in at any time to make a craft, play a game, or just relax in a comfy chair with a Star Wars book. The Family Room is a large space, and multiple activities will be going on all the time, including Jawa Painting with Pat, Building Challenges with Chad, and ďThis Deal is Getting Worse all the Time!Ē with Jedi Eddy.

Filling a large 600-square-foot space on the exhibition floor, this will be a specially curated exhibit of some of the treasures from ROW, ranging from props and prototypes to original art and fan-made wonders. Stop by and chat with Steve about your collecting passions, get your books signed, pick up some special souvenirs, and get help planning a future trip to the museum.

Star Wars Celebration welcomes Hard Knocks, the nationís premier Combat Entertainment Franchise. Far beyond laser tag, Hard Knocks invites you to join the fight in their 100,000 square foot combat arena located in Hall C. Itís not your old Jedi Masterís laser tag, and you wonít find any black lights or plastic toy guns. This is the real thing, with infrared weapons and action!

The following is a list of the tattoo artists appearing at Celebration VI. Brought together by Rebelscum's Shane Turgeon, the author of The Force in the Flesh, and Marc Draven, creator of Ink Fusion, they bring you the biggest and best Celebration tattoo experience to date. With many renowned tattoo artists from points around the world, the expanded Star Wars Tattoo Pavilion will be the place to see and be seen in the Celebration Experience Exhibit Hall. For more information on these artists, visit starwarscelebration.com.

Andrea Swabb (TAT21)
Asylum (TAT02)
Brass Monkey Tattoo (TAT09)
Chris 51 Tattoos (TAT29)
Custom Art by Jeremiah (TAT10)
Fox Valley Tattoo (TAT20)
Imperial Class Tattoo, LLC (TAT16)
Jolie Rogue Tattoo (TAT17)
Josh Bodwell Tattoos (TAT28)
Michael Bianco (TAT26)
Mike the Freak (TAT25)
Nappy Artist (TAT15)
Pain & Wonder (TAT04)
Physical Graffiti (TAT27)
Plush Gallery Tattoo (TAT24)
Red Rocket Tattoo (TAT13)
Red Rocket Tattoo - Vinny Romanelli (TAT23)
Scott Blair (TAT08)
Scott Bohrer (TAT07)
Sistine Skin - Jerry Watelski (TAT06)
Sistine Skin, LLC (TAT03)
TAT-TWIN Skin art by Piero Bockos (TAT19)
Tattoos by Brian Stringer (TAT14)
Tattoos By Chris Jones (TAT27)
Tattoos by Thomas Kersnowsky (TAT11)
Through and Through Tattoo (TAT18)
Trinity Tattoo Company - Earl Funk (TAT12)
Trinity Tattoo Company - Steve Roberts (TAT22)
tuff city (TAT01)
Uptown Tattoos (TAT05)

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