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There's much more to do then then attend panels, or stand in line for autographs! Here's a list of some of the non-scheduled programming that's happening during the convention

Spectacular props and sets, from imaginative builders around the world, have been submitted for consideration for Star Wars Celebration. You'll be able to get up-close-and-personal with these lifesize prop replicas for photo ops, cosplay, or just imagining you're in a galaxy far, far away!

Filling a large 600-square-foot space on the exhibition floor, this will be a specially curated exhibit of some of the treasures from ROW, ranging from props and prototypes to original art and fan-made wonders. Stop by and chat with Steve about your collecting passions, get your books signed, pick up some special souvenirs, and get help planning a future trip to the museum.

The following is a list of the tattoo artists appearing at Celebration Anaheim. Brought together by Shane Turgeon, the author of The Force in the Flesh, and Marc Draven, creator of Ink Fusion, they bring you the biggest and best Celebration tattoo experience to date. With many renowned tattoo artists from points around the world, the expanded Star Wars Tattoo Pavilion will be the place to see and be seen in the Celebration Experience Exhibit Hall. For more information on these artists, visit starwarscelebration.com.

Betsy Butler (TAT20)
Black Anchor Collective - Carlos Rojas (TBD)
Black Anchor Collective - Nikko Hurtado (TBD)
Black Lotus Tattoers (TAT19)
Black Lotus Tattoers - Tyler Nealeigh (TAT19)
Brandi Smart (TAT36)
Brynne Palmer of Gold Rush Tattoo (TAT04)
Cale Turpen (TAT05)
Carl Huggins (TBD)
Chris Jones Tattoos (TAT17)
Chris Sparks (TAT30)
Club Tattoo (TAT07)
Club Tattoo - Mike Bianco (TAT07)
Damian Cain (TBD)
Engine House - Eric Vie (TAT22)
Engine House Tattoos (TAT21)
Exit 7 - George Joseph (TBD)
EyeCandy Tattoo (TAT35)
HD Fezekas Tattoos (TAT01)
High Voltage Tattoo - Kevin Lewis (TAT14)
High Voltage Tattoo - Nate Fierro (TAT11)
Imperial Class Tattoo LLC (TAT09)
Jeffrey Wortham (TAT13)
Jeremiah McCabe (TBD)
Joey Hamilton (TBD)
Jolie Rogue Tattoo - Charissa Gregson (TAT32)
Jolie Rogue Tattoo - Clara Sinclair (TAT24)
Jolie Rogue Tattoo - Matt Difa (TAT16)
Josh Bodwell Tattoos (TAT10)
Joushua Couchenour - Ink Fusion (TAT34)
Kate Green (TAT38)
Luis Valdovinos (TAT18)
Needles-NYC (TAT26)
Nick Puma (TAT27)
Pain and Wonder Tattoo (TAT23)
Pain and Wonder Tattoo - Mike Groves (TAT23)
Piero Tat-twin (TAT15)
Red Rocket (TAT12)
Red Rocket Tattoo - Adam Hays (TAT06)
Red Rocket Tattoo - Shannon Ritchie (TAT12)
Red Rocket Tattoo - Vinny Romanelli (TAT28)
Revolution Tattoos (TAT31)
Rogue Mahone Tattoo - Jason Wymbs (TAT25)
Rogue Mahone Tattoo Company (TAT25)
Ryan Flaherty (TAT37)
Studio 85 Tattoo (TAT03)
Studio 85 Tattoo - Andrea Swabb (TAT03)
Tattoos by Thomas Kersnowsky (TAT29)
Taylor M. Heald (TAT08)
Thomas Bulman (TAT33)

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