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There's much more to do then then attend panels, or stand in line for autographs! Here's a list of some of the other programming that's happening during the convention.

The Star Wars Celebration Bounty Hunt returns this summer in Germany! Test your skills against other Star Wars fans using your smart phone to scan QR code targets which will lead you to clues left by Jabba the Hutt himself! There is no time limit for this competition, so attendees will be able to participate as time permits. Just make sure you complete the challenge before the show wraps on Sunday and you could win some exclusive bounty.

On Saturday, July 27, make plans to join your fellow Celebration Europe II attendees for an after hours evening of food, drinks and fun! Starting at 19:00 (7:00pm), fans can walk up and down Rüttenscheider Straße, an entire block filled with restaurants, cafes and pubs, with select businesses acting as official Celebration Cantinas which means Star Wars fun long into the night. Eigelstein, Plan B & Fritzpatrick’s are all listed as official Celebration destinations.

At Star Wars Celebration Europe II, the most rare items won't be on the show floor, they'll only be available AFTER DARK. The CE2 Collecting Track is excited to announce Collecting After Dark, a Star Wars Collector's Swap Meet where fans from across the globe can come to trade their Star Wars goods. Bring your items to sell or trade or add some new stuff to your collection. From new to vintage, rare prototypes and more, you never know what you'll find After Dark! Join the fun on Saturday, July 27 at 11:00pm inside the Atlantic Congress Hotel, just half a mile from the convention center.

The Star Wars Celebration Europe Costume Masquerade will consist of no more than 60 entries made up from the following categories: Jedi & Rebels; Empire & Sith; Princesses; Armored Troops; Droids, and Aliens, Creatures & Outer Rim. This is always a well attended part of any Celebration, so plan to arrive early for a good seat. The party kicks off at 2:30pm on Saturday, July 27 on the Celebration Stage.

Be sure to find the time to see screenings of ATTACK OF THE CLONES (2002) in 3D(!!), RETURN OF THE JEDI (1983) and STAR WARRIORS (2007), which will conclude with a selection of never-before-seen footage featuring the fans' preparation for the parade, focusing on the costumed fan groups from Europe. These are all a must-see experience on the big screen! Be sure to check the schedule for times and locations.

Not only will fans at Celebration Europe be able to see this first-time exhibition of Rancho Obi-Wan outside of the United States, they will be able to meet the world-renowned Star Wars fan and author behind the collection as well. Sansweet will be present in the Rancho Obi-Wan exhibit much of the time to greet fans, and is scheduled to take part in programming at the show. This will be a rare treat for fans at Celebration Europe. There also will be giveaways and special prize drawings in the 690 square-foot (64m2) booth.

Check out the Collecting Track room to see Star Wars treasures that were brought by fans specifically to put on display during the show. One-of-a-kind, ultra rare, hard to find and valuable are just some of the words to describe what you'll be seeing behind the glass.

If you don't do anything else during Celebration Europe II, you'll want to do this. Get a special first look into the production of the upcoming STAR WARS: REBELS animated television series set to debut as a 1-hour telecast on The Disney Channel in 2014. The show will be set in between Episodes III & IV spanning nearly 20 years of unexplored timeline! Check the schedule for exact show times.

The following is a list of the tattoo artists appearing at Celebration Europe II. Brought together by Shane Turgeon, the author of The Force in the Flesh, and Marc Draven, creator of Ink Fusion, they bring you the biggest and best Celebration tattoo experience to date. With many renowned tattoo artists from points around the world, the expanded Star Wars Tattoo Pavilion will be the place to see and be seen in the Celebration Experience Exhibit Hall. For more information on these artists, visit starwarscelebration.com.

Amy Denova (TBD)
Charissa Gregson (TAT09)
Chris 51 Tattoos (TAT16)
Chris Jones (TAT17)
Christian Hassler (TBD)
David Corden (TAT03)
Jeff Wortham (TBD)
Josh Bodwell Tattoos (TAT13)
Joshua Couchenour (TBD)
Kevin Lewis (TAT05)
Luis Valdovinos AKA Lu (TBD)
Marin Urbanc (TAT02)
Mark Draven (TBD)
Matt Difa (TAT08)
Michael Bianco (TBD)
Nate Fierro (TAT04)
Piero Bockos (TAT11)
Shane Turgeon (TBD)
Shannon Ritchie (TAT12)
Theresa Gordon-Wade (TAT06)

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