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Questions for June 12, 2000

In the Galactic Senate. There are thousands of Species represnting what? Their species or their planet? Because, as far as I know, Amidala and her comitte are the only ones from Naboo there. What about the Gungans? Are they outcasted in their planet and in the Galactic Senate too?

In the Galactic Senate too, we do see E. T.s, right? And please, don't get me wrong, I loved that cameo, or however you may wanna call it. O. K., so, in the Movie E. T., we see Star Wars merchandise: a Yoda costume, and figures; when one of those, Darth Vader, is shown to E. T., he runs scared away as if he knew him or about him.
What's with this?

Well, on the first, good question. Based on the film and prior "EU" stuff, I would say planets are represented, but oddly, often by only one species. Whatever the "ruling class" happens to be (or elect) gets the cushy job with the alien vixens and fabulous prizes on Sunny Coruscant. Malastare's represented by Ree-Yees senators (which was printed on a Pizza Hut sticker-- I can verify this :) also known as Gran from games and elsewhere. Why no Gungans? Well, based on the film, these are the introvet characters in the film-- they're happy just to be left alone, underwater, with tons of high-tech aquatic electronic stuff that came from somewhere. More power to 'em, I say.

The E.T.s were included because ILM had a 3D E.T. model ready to go from a commercial they were doing, and they went ahead and tossed it in there as a "Hi Steve!" As far as the story goes, they're just there... an elaborate explaination has yet to be concocted, but I'm sure "Tales from the South Wing of the Galactic Senate" book will be out eventually. While early drafts of Star Wars have the story in the 32nd or so century of Earth's history, well, sometimes things are just there. Like Leia's "nerf herder" line, there's really no gigantic backstory outside the expanded universe stuff.

Like you, I open up all of my SW toys to play with and ultimately display them. My question is what should I do with all the empty packaging? The new toys have very bulky cards and boxes which take up a lot of space. For instance, should I get rid of the plastic and keep the cards for action figures? Is it at all worth keeping? I really want to economize this stuff, and I wanted to ask someone who doesn't keep them boxed up. These are not the vintage memorabilia and, other than a certain few toys, will never be worth as much(at least in sentimental terms).

Easy answer: ditch the bubbles from the action figures. This will free up tons of space.

Hard answer: well... how important are they to you? Unlike TransFormers and GI JOE, it seems there is next to zero interest in the cardbacks or bio-cards from Star Wars fans except for a few. Otherwise we'd leave 'em carded. If I were you, I'd keep the boxes as is (because they still look neat), but take the easy answer for figure packaging OR just ditch everything except the barcode proof-of-purchases.

Right now we have POTF2 and EP1. What will the line be called once the 2 are combined on this new card style? And do you think this new line will continue side by side with EP2?

I do remember hearing buzz on the ol' mill about a few proposed names, but I think it'll just be "Star Wars" (based on the prototype packages and all.) Stuff like "Star Wars Universe" and "Star Wars Saga" comes off as wordy or ill-informed...

Why is the next Masterpiece collection Aura Sing? Is she really that popular, or even important? Couldn't they do a real charecter like Chewbacca, especially since a lot of people are sad because of his "death"

[People are sad? Where?]

Why Aurra? Fan followings are hard to explain, but when the iron is hot, ye must strike. Right now, she's a very popular character, many fans would probably be willing to shell out some serious dough for one... and where better to do it than at the bookstore?

Anakin was a first-timer, C-3PO was, well, a neat but odd choice, Aurra's a nifty decision because she's new, distinctive, an unusual FEMALE figure, and quite popular... at least for now. :)

We've gotten three 12" Chewies, none of which have been overwhelmingly popular. I say quit while you're behind there.

Do you think the battle droids from Ep 1 and IG-88 from Empire are "related", so to speak? Maybe someone finally developed a model that would fight back when people hacked and shot at them.

Stylistically, maybe, but not in terms of story. All background stuff on IG hints at his being a sorta lone droid, versus the ant-conony mentality of everybody's favorite droid army.

Odds are some back story to IG-88 will be touched upon in a future episode of Star Wars.

I've got a somewhat demanding question/favor I'd like to ask of you: You had mentioned in addressing Hasbro's upcoming "300th figure" that Boba Fett had worn three different suits of armor in episodes IV-VI. What made them different? When did each appear?

As far as actual, complete, real-life "these are in an archive somewhere" suits, there be at least three.

First, there's a prototype suit of armor. This is the one the vintage figures were more or less based on (since that's all there was at the time). His gauntlets are different colors-- one's red, one's yellow. This is the most obvious change. The backpack is very similar to the third suit that was used in ROJ, but seems more brightly colored from the images I've seen.
[ See it on: the ANH/ESB packagings of the original 12" Fett; ANH, ESB, and some ROJ packagings of the 4" Fett, and some publicity shots. ]

Second, there's the ESB suit. This is a much more toned down design, trading the usual brown gloves for grey with a very bland green backpack and a few other minor changes to the helmet and elsewhere.
[ See it: both 12" Hasbro Fetts, the upcoming Marmit Fett, and the 4" Shadows Of The Empire 2-pack Fett. ]

Then there's the ROJ Fett. This one is more like the original suit, but has the ESB markings on the helmet (more or less) and both of his gauntlets are red with grey gloves. Technically, this was never made as a toy.

In the Special Edition of Star Wars, the ROJ suit is dredged out (at least as far as I can tell.)

The POTF2 Fett is a sort of mutt of the various designs. It has the gauntlets from ROJ, the backpack and gloves from the first suit, and unless my eyes deceive me, the overall figure is a bit paler, kinda like the ESB suit. The helmet is ESB/ROJ.

Now, for the truly technical, there are other incarnations of the suit. Marvel Comics had a character, Fenn Shysha, who wore a similar but usually differently colored suit of the armor. Also, in the Droids cartoon and the Holiday Special animated short, Fett had a very different set of colorations, which I think would make one heck of an awesome figure some day.

I recently read somewhere that there was a carded spirit of Obi-Wan (with a light saber ,no less).I know of only three,the Frito's one,the Jedi Spirits 3-Pack, and the Japanese "fan club"25 piece 3-pack.The British Frito's had a nice collectors box,but it was the same fig.Now someone is saying that there was a carded Leia(Endor),and a carded K-3PO released in Japan.If the green 3-PO didn't get past us,how did these guys do it.(If they are real it will give me something to hunt for till September since I'm actually caught up(skiff,Sio,Holo Sid and Swimmin Jar Jar)and I don't expect anything new till October.

Be careful what you read. According to Lee's Action Figure News and Toy Review, Spain had a removable helmet Vader in 1996.

Spirit of Obi-Wan: a persistant rumor, but no, there was never, ever, never, ever, never a carded version of this figure. Yes, there was a British issue of the figure in a very nice box. Yes, there was the US cinemascene set. Yes, there was a custom fan-made THAT WAS NOT FOM HASBRO set which was allegedly sold through the Japanese Fan Club (no paperwork has been sent my way on this.) People did customize a carded one with (why I don't know) a Lightsaber, but no, there is no Hasbro/Kenner produced version of such an item.

K-3PO and Leia Endor were never released on individual cards. K-3PO is a rumored 2001 figure, as is a Rebel Briefing Room Leia (technically Endor), but as of today the only carded versions of these figures are from customizing greats like Gary Weaver.

When in doubt, check the various photo archives on the web. If it's supposedly available now, or had been for more than a few months, it'll almost always be in Rebelscum or Yakface's toy guides. If not there, well, there's always eBay.

If you really have a problem coming up with something to do with your income, well, I want your problems. :) I'd say go for MicroMachines with all the clearances, now may be the last time you see this much classic product on the shelves.

I'm interested in buying some POTF2 Star Wars figures, but I'm only interested in the major players, and maybe a few alien characters. Anyway, I know there are numerous versions of all the main characters, and I don't really know which versions are best. I've gathered from reading your site Commtech Han, and Removable Helmet Vader are the best sculpts of those characters. But which, in your opinion, are the best versions of Luke, Leia, Chewie, C-3PO, R2-D2, Obi-wan, Lando, Yoda, and the Emperor, based on what's out now, or scheduled to be in stores soon? It doesn't matter what outfit they are wearing either. Any help you can give is much appreciated.

Well, to be honest, with the clearances and all, I say buy all you can especially at $3 a pop. But if you're short on space/money and don't have access to pictures or enough info for your own opinions (which are best), allow me to make the following reccomendations.

Luke: Final Jedi Duel 3-pack version, followed by Hoth (any) and Bespin. (But my favorite is Dark Empire.)
Leia: Princess Leia Collection 2-pack version with R2-D2 followed by the new CommTech Hooded version.
Chewie: Mynock Hunt. There are no other choices here. He's the best.
C-3PO: Coin for clean, Purchase of the Droids for dirty, break-apart for best all around.
R2-D2: CommTech is awesome, but the datalink version is good as well.
Obi-Wan: Hooded Flashback Version.
Lando: Skiff.
Yoda: There's a difference?
Emperor: The only important differences are the poses. The regular carded one is probably your best bet.

Personally, I would reccomend getting at least one of each outfit. Unless you have an aversion to copious amounts of toys in your home.

I have heard rumor that the cinema scene line has been canned. Is there any hope for this line. Their not a bad price for three figures.

While the 1999 and 1998 Cinemascenes continue to show up on clearance and in some smaller toy stores, there are no plans to make more in the future.

As far as the price, well, depending on when you bought 'em, it varied. In 1997, they were $15 and regular figures were still $5 on the whole. In 1998, they were $18 and figures were $6. '99, $20 with $6 figures (until May) and $7 figures later. They were great for what you got, however, some of the worst ones got the best distribution... that Mos Espa Encounter is a really, really nasty item compared to the rest of the line.

Commentators on the POTF2 toys occasionally mention that some of the X-wing pilot figures (notably Luke) are really snowspeeder pilot figures. I don't see the difference; can you elaborate?
  -The Night Phantom

Grab 1 X-Wing Luke or Falcon Case Wedge and 1 Biggs or Rebel Pilots Wedge.

The "Snowspeeder" versions-- at least a "correct" Snowspeeder version-- has a much bulkier coat over the regular suit, extra pants, white gloves, and a few other differences. The regular Rebel Pilot suit is much thinner with black gloves and different boots.

I, the Broadcaster, avoid police but the Bat was led into custody.

  Adam Pawlus

Questions for June 14, 2000

I keep most of my star wars stuff inside my house but lately due to space,Im having to store some figures in a metal storage building.It can get hot in the building in the summer(I live in Georgia).Will this have any long term effect on the figures and or packages?


Heat is not as much of a problem as its partners in crime, humidity and light. If you're genuinely worried about an item, keep it in a cool, dry, dark place. Most storage places I know of have some sort of cooling system, which can be good, but if you're talking about a shed in your yard, well, hard to say. I wouldn't expect too many problems, but on the bright side, so much of the stuff is common and cheap (even the "rare" stuff) that it can be replaced.

Personally, I would never store what I consider to be part of "the collection" outside where I live. Tradebait, sure. But if I had stuff I didn't want to have at arm's reach most of the time, I'd probably sell it.

I don't know where I heard this, but I thought the new POTF Obi-wan was going to have a Jedi training remote with it. (I guess that's what it's called, the thing Luke was training with on the Falcon) The images I see of the upcoming figure don't show it, just a light saber and light saber handle. Is there a chance this could still be included with the figure? It would have been a great figure to stand near blast shield Luke.

Here is an example of a very odd product.

We're in an era where every main character on the Rebel side save for Lando and Obi-Wan has been given a new face since 1995. Even Han Solo got a new noggin in 1999 after 15 of the 16 Han figures had-- more or less-- the same face sculpt (exception: Diorama Carbonite Han).

Obi-Wan seems to be a half-finished item, and given that we first heard about it in like early '99 and it isn't due out until late '00, it's kind of surprising the item hasn't been changed. Early reports said that it came with a training remote. It does not include this remote. Early pics of it had Anakin's saber on his belt (new sculpt) and his own Lightsaber, ignited (also new sculpt.) This has not changed.

So, like 1999's Anakin Skywalker from POTF2, we're getting a figure that, for all intents and purposes, never appeared on screen with an incorrect accessory. I'm pretty sure Anakin's saber was never on his belt, and we never saw him swing his saber without his outer robe on. The remote would've made the figure a heck of a lot cooler, and if the lit and unlit sabers were switched, it'd have made more sense. (He could "give" Anakin's saber to CommTech Luke, sorta.) But hey, pickers can't be choosy. We're getting some pretty awesome figures soon, and odds are another Tatooine Luke can't be too far away. We'll probably get a remote then.

But who's face is it we see on the Dagobah Vader? I always thought it was Luke's face, but the photos of the action figure at Yakface don't look anything like Luke. Can you clear up my poor witted and confused mind?

It is, in fact, Luke, a modified Bespin Luke head if I'm not mistaken. It looks kinda funky because it's painted instead of molded the correct color, plus, well, Hasbro's faces tend to rely on the whole head for recognition, and all we get here is the front of the face. It is Luke, but it's not very "Mark Hamill."

I recently purchased Behind the Magic per your advice and had a question. Where did those interesting cut scenes come from? Were they salvaged from the cutting room floor by some godlike being? Why did they resurface years later? I'd love to hear why most of them look like they have been abused while the one w/ Biggs looks fairly "clean."
PS- How come I can't get no Tang 'round here?

LucasFilm's vaults, from my understanding, are chock full of unused footage, awesome props, and so forth "just in case," most likely on orders from Lucas. For instance, we saw the Jabba footage and some Biggs footage re-inserted into the Special Edition of Star Wars.

Why the resurfacing? Because we kept asking for it, and when it wasn't in the special editions, we asked some more. Since the release, I shut up about it. :) Some people are very concerned with the history behind their films, and thankfully, Lucas is one of them. We'll continue to see more deleted footage in magazines, CD-ROMs, and with any luck, DVDs in coming years because we like it and we're goofy that way.

And ask the president. If anyone knew where to get some Tang around here, it'd be him.

What is known about E1 comm tech chips with the white background? I have seen the more recently issued E1 figures (Anakin Pilot, Obi-wan Softgoods, etc.) have the revised white chip. I have read about the change over on all subseqeunt comm tech products. However, I came across a Mace Windu at a Target store with a white background. (the package was pretty well shelf worn, but for $1.64 it was nice custom fodder) I don't recall seeing this variation on other "earlier" E1 figures that were re-released in new case assortments. Is this a fairly common variation? Perhaps I simply did not notice before.

Near the end of last year, chips switched over from being kinda sparkly to a stark white background. No reasons were given for the change, and many items were shipped with both versions of the chips, including earlier figures. Granted, the earlier stuff will probably be tougher to score than Panaka or the CommTech Stormtrooper, but it is around.

I have been wondering for a while now exactly how many Ewoks cartoon videos were released in the 80's. The old Tomarts WWGTSWC lists 4, the most recent guide has the 3 NTSC tapes that were released in 199(6?). And to confuse matters even more Steve Sansweet went on record in the Insider saying there were 4 tapes. Argueably this points to there being 4 tapes - but I have #5 and the inlay indicates their being a sixth. Can you resolve this for me? I also have a food premium Ewoks tape with 1 episode that was given away with Dairylea cheese slices in the UK in the late 80's. No guides list their existence - are there others?

When it comes to original era foreign promotional goodies, I'm pretty ignorant. When it comes to PAL videos, I'm a total idiot. So for the cheese thing, well, can't help you there, but if they've got neat box art, please, send scans.

I know J2 Communications produced a few Ewoks and Droids videos for the US before the hacked, re-edited "movies" came out in 1997(?), one for Ewoks and one for Droids, with entirely new music which wasn't especially good. I'm pretty sure J2 only issued 4 tapes, 2 for each series. I scored one of them in a Best Buy $2 video bin in like 1997 (the videos are dated 1990). I do remember hearing that both series were either issued or almost issued in Japan, but nothing like that happened elsewhere...

So while there are probably many Ewoks & Droids videos overseas, I only know of the ones you just mentioned just because you just mentioned 'em. But if any of you guys out there have international videos, please, write in. This'd make a great feature article to see what got released where.

There were three Galoob giant action playsets that included a vehicle: Hoth, Yavin, and Death Star. Regarding the Death Star, do you know why Vader's Battle Damaged Tie Fighter was changed to the smaller one? And also, why the heck is his head painted silver?

At some point during the original run of the first wave of toys, the first six were supposed to be slightly changed with a little more grit, and for some reason, the DV TIE was to be made smaller. Never did pick up the regular "smaller" version... or remember seeing it...

The smaller size was just a decision by Galoob to-- I think-- make the toy more accurate. (Actually, I remember getting a letter from Galoob when I wrote in the newsletter I used to do that a 30% smaller size variation sounded ridiculous. Oops.)

Vader's head is silver? I always thought it was an all-too-shiny black. I think it was supposed to be removable at one point in development... sadly, this was not to be. But hey, it's distinctive, ya gotta give it that.

I've just got a quick question regarding the vintage Star Wars Line. Specifically the Bib Fortuna Figure. I picked up 2 the other day. 1 complete and one not. and i noticed that on the complete one it said "Made in Taiwan" on the right leg and "LFL 1983" on the other leg. but on the other Bib it said "Hong Kong" on the opposite leg and "LFL 1983" on the other. upon closer inspection i noticed that there were a few other minor differences between the two figures. The heads are slightly different shades and they seem to be made out of different types of plastic. I was just wondering if you could tell me whats going on here. Is one a bootleg? did kenner make figurs in different countries? all of my other vintage figures say they're made in Hong Kong

Yup. There are lots of little variations depending on a lot of variables, one of which is factory. If I remember correctly, the Mexican-made Biker Scout has a slightly different head than the other versions of the figure. And of course, there are different heads of some figures made for the Japanese market, but these probably won't be available too often.

Things like location of copyright date and other stuff get moved around as well... there are countless such variations, significantly more than POTF2, but for the most part, they're minute and uncatalogued. Thankfully.

I recently recieved as a gift a Skiff with the Jedi Luke. Upon closer inspection, the Luke has some paint splotches on his nose and hair. When I went to exchange, Target was all out, not planning on getting any more. I sent a message to Hasbro's customer support a few weeks ago, but I have yet to recieve a reply. Is there a particular person or email address that things like that should go to? What should I do? I'd really like to get a Luke that didn't look like he fell asleep eating his oatmeal.

While some have been able to get replacement parts direct from Hasbro, I have had very little personal success, when I lost a Yoda cane (found it a year afterward) I wrote Hasbro and was told that they don't replace parts for "collectible" toys in a letter. I'm not making that up. Howver, I've gotten letters from some of you readers that you've gotten replacement parts for your broken Episode One items. So I'd say write the address on the box, it's worth a shot.

I have a light saber that is "orange". It is the long size. Can you tell me WHO it belongs to? I tried to look through all of your pictures but no luck. Thank you.

The "long" Lightsaber was only made in blue and red. It's possible it's a bootleg, not a SW item, or a discolored red saber... but it definitely ain't regular issue.

Uh... yeah. Question drought. Send some in, if ya got a few minutes.

  Adam Pawlus

Questions for June 16, 2000

Wondering if you think we'll ever see a new Jedi Luke-one that doesn't look all chicken-legged, like the first POTF edition. Also, if we do eventually see a new Luke, do you think he'd be articulated, and with a lightsaber that actually somewhat resembles his from ROTJ?

Considering how obscure the "new" versions of some core characters are, yes, it is entirely possible that any figure can still be remade.

In all honesty, we have gotten some reasonable ones. So far, in addition to the carded one that came out with the Shadows of the Empire guys, there's also some others. The Final Jedi Duel one is probably the best in terms of overall look, but the Complete Galaxy and Skiff versions aren't too shabby. The one packed with the Rancor could be better, but overall, there are some better (if not ultimate) options out there. As far as the lightsaber goes... uh... it does resemble his from ROTJ. Odds are it'll be resculpted and repainted if a new version were to come out on a regular card.

It has been some now ( 6-8 weeks ) since Hasbro helped clear the shelves. Several store have even run clearance prices to empty the shelves. The stores? have had empty shelf space for some time now. Just when, and are the major stores ( Target, Wal-Mart ) going to restock?

Soon, probably. Those last few Jar Jars are gonna take a while to sell at the Targets in my area, $1.44 or not.

My Wal-Marts keep getting new stock. I actually found a few figures I didn't have at the local one just the other week. Collection 2 to boot. So while each store is different, it's worth your while to take a look when you're in the neighborhood, or if you're like me and have some reason to end up at a "mart" type store at least once a week, it never hurts to check.

The current best guess on Target is that new stock will show up when it's ready. So in August or October or whenever it is that Porkins and friends show up, Target'll probably have them. I've not heard of Wal-Mart blowing everything out, just a select few items... the selection continues to thin at the one I went to this evening (slow day, OK?) Since new stuff ain't ready yet-- and this is kinda surprising considering not even a glimpse of the final new packaging has showed up as of the time I write t his-- it could be a while before we empty our wallets on brand spankin' new figures.

Did Galoob ever release the Action Fleet Tie Interceptor and Y-Wing Flight Controllers? I remember that both were shown on the Galoob website before it was taken down but I haven't actually seen one in the stores. There is also no mention of it on this web page.

There isn't? We need to get on that.

Both items did ship, the only place I can remember seeing them in my neck of the woods was Target, and I waited until they went on clearance to buy them. They kinda sucked, especially compared to the first two. A few reports of these showing up on the clearance-gamut of recent months have been sent our way, but I never saw them myself. It's worth heading down to your Kay-Bees and Toys "R" Us stores to have a look, that's for sure.

can you by chance tell me if the mail-away Cantina Diorama, From Ackbar to Zuckuss poster, and slide holders were shipped in mailer boxes or how they were originally packaged? I know the cantina came in a small envelope but was there any other packaging? I ask because I was recently given the opportunity to buy all of these items and would like to know if they are in their original condition and the seller didn't know.

Cantina Diorama: the mail-in one was shipped in an envelope, and the diorama itself was wrapped with instructions of how to assemble the thing. At least most were-- one of mine wasn't.

The poster was in a mailer tube. I think that's it.

Slider holders: envelopes. Nothing fancy.

My question is, there is a Darth Maul that commtech chip has him speaking in Spanish. I was wondering if there are any other commtech figures that speak in Spanish or any other foreign languages? That would be a variation worth collecting.

While I opted out of buying foreign E1 figures (for now), I'm pretty sure all the spanish E1 figures spoke Spanish. I could be wrong, and I'll definitely post it if a correction is sent my way. I believe there were French ones as well, and I remember hearing about others, but never saw anything solid.

A colleague of mine found a paperback copy of the Dec. 1976 release Star Wars From the Adventures of Luke Skywalker in a Goodwill for $ .25. It has the Ralph McQuarrie artwork on the cover and the "Soon to be a spectacular Motion Picture! From Twentieth-Century Fox!" blurb on the back. It has a lot of edge wear and many pages were dog eared but rates about a C: 7 (maybe more) depending on how hard you grade. She was kind enough to donate it to me. I have heard very little about this book though. A later one with a different cover seems to be the one that is less rare. Can you tell me a little about the book, it's rarity, and value. I intend on keeping it but would like to be informed.

It is not rare, and there are a few different versions of it including a slightly smaller book club edition. It is one of the first SW collectibles, produced nearly six months before the film, and is really spiffy.

Asking for its value? Man, is the giant header saying we don't do that here not enough these days?

Hey, over at Galaxy Toys they have two POTF2 accessory sets, Endor Survival Set & Stormtrooper Set listed as "Coming Soon." What can you tell us about them??

Zippo. The only thing I've ever heard about these is-- sadly-- that they were never to be issued. It could be incorrect, but considering the last wave of accessories, I wouldn't doubt it.

it seems hasbro is releasing the mon calmari foot soldier. i never knew this was in demand...is it possible that they are releasing it because we will see alot of them in episode 2.?

Colonel, not foot soldier, is what I've seen written the most.

As to their appearance in the prequels, could go any way. Maybe. Maybe not. When the leaks off of the set start, you can bet that you won't see them here because I don't appreciate being sworn at for no readily apparent reason.

I have a question about Star Wars pinball games. I am by no means an expert on the subject. I have seen two, the Episode 1 game (with May 3, 1999, Watto and Jar Jar figures inside) and one from the early 90's, which had elements from the entire trilogy. What could you tell me about Star Wars pinball games?

The Data East one is my favorite! It's groovalicious.

The ones I've seen-- and this is a limited thing-- are threefold.

The first recent one I can recall is the early 1990s Data East SW Trilogy Version. Given the chance, I'd probably sell a foot so I can have one. Never saw one for sale locally, but it's got a blue exterior and not too many gimmicks. It's good clean fun.

The second was from Sega Pinball, who bought out Data East Pinball (or Sega bought Data East, I should know this but I don't.) This was a Special Edition themed game, it was gold, and it was reeeeeeallly expensive. Never get did get a shot to play one anywhere, but it's supposedly on the secondary market for close to what it cost originally. Which was a lot.

...and there's the E1 game, in the U of AZ's arcade and elsewhere. It's got a video screen. So it's pinball for pansies.

When Terry Brooks wrote the Ep. 1 novelization how much of the material that wasn't seen in the movie do you think was his creation and how much was Lucas'?

What you saw on-screen was Lucas. Some of what was in the book was cut from the screen, but not much. Brooks did a great job of coming up with original situations based on the screenplay, but some stuff-- like Palpatine and Sidious being two different people-- probably won't pan out in Episode II.

It's Friday, meaning nobody's reading this because you're going to go see Shaft. Good for you!

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