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Questions for October 4, 1999

Can we start calling it The Phantom Menace now?? And if we do, will Hasbro catch on?

Overseas, the film was usually marketed as Episode One being the emphasis, ditto with the USA. The lack of the TPM name on the package has more to do with toy industry deadlines than with this decision, but courtesy of the variant-hound, a change now would do more harm than good. People are used to seeing "Episode One", changing it would confuse the uninitiated masses.

I love the Rebel Fleet Troopers, and they're some of my favorite characters... Any chance of seeing a resculpt of them? They're the worst figure Hasbro ever did!

The worst? I'd point to Dr. Evazan, personally... the Rebel Fleet Trooper needs work, I'll give you that, but Evazan was pretty off the mark for a POTF2 figure. As far as a resculpt goes, there's not a one in the works as far as I know. Hasbro loves to surprise, but I doubt it.

I bought four of the new POTF figures with CommTech chips and like the voices of all but Han Solo. I tried a second Solo figure and chip and it was just as bad. The first phrase was to high, and the second, too low and slow. Have you heard any other complaints about Solo, and is there any hope of getting better CommTech chips?

I've had complaints about every CommTech chip-- even the good ones, at least one person will complain. I agree they're far from perfect, but I wouldn't expect to see any revised versions of existing chips.

How come [Classic CommTech R2-D2] is going for such exorbitant prices on ebay?

Because impatience and wealth are frequent bedfellows.

Adam: I have a gentlemen wager if the Episode One Yoda Card would ever be corredted..The problem is this.. I now know that there is a Tri-Logo overseas version of the Yoda that Has the Episode 1 on it..

Would that be considered a correction to the American version without? I would appreciate a answer ASAP.Please ask your other friends/business associates..

(Business associates?)

It's a foreign Yoda. That's all there is to it. It isn't a corrected US card, which is what many are eagerly looking for. Why, I don't know... there's just as many "Error" Yodas out there as there are *correct* Nute Gunrays and Rune Haakos, I don't get the fuss over such a common toy.

Muftak and Kabe, and B'Omarr Monk were Internet exclusives, we all know that.? I'm on the Internet - which you can see - but I can't order them.? Because I live in Europe.? Isn't the Internet the World Wide Web?? If anyone from Hasbro is reading this (assuming you post it), why o why o why o why??????? can't I order a WORLD WIDE web exclusive if I am on the WORLD WIDE web?

The internet is predominantly an American spawning and is often treated as a US-only thing. That's just the way it's been.

As for Hasbro, there are legal issues barring Hasbro from selling toys via the internet in certain countries. I won't go into them here, but it's not a matter of Hasbro saying "Europe Sucks" as much as it is "Well, can we do this?" I'm sure we could spend hours discussing the UK's lack of a decent treatment of the SW line, or all of Europe for that matter... but for now, well, it just kinda sucks to be a non-American Star Wars fan.

Why is it impossible for us British collectors to buy the bargains at Mos Espa? Afterall, we over here can't get the cantina band member yet Mos Espa is selling the 5 in one go! Surely there is a way around this?

Ask a trading buddy in the USA to do you a favor. (Hey, it works-- I helped a lot of people get US-only stuff in the past.)

Where can i buy the POTF2 action figures????

Yes friends, this is an actual question emailled to all the Rebelscum staffers. Amazing, no?

I have read so much about this in the archive, yet still I have no strait answer. Will collectors see a Jabba's Palace Aleins Cinema Scene featuring Amanaman?

Well, keep reading... it was in the first Q&A update I wrote here.

I got the Naboo Royal Security Guard and Captain Panaka at Walmart yesterday. I thought that Panaka was going to have a removable hat. Was that something I just dreamed up?
  -Obi-Jon Kenobi

Probably. I don't believe an image exists of the figure sans hat. He looks sculpted as if the hat is removable... but since I don't have one to check myself just yet (drat), he probably was not meant to have a removable hat. But I'm sure with a little paint and a screwdriver, you can change that without a problem. (Hey, gotta start customizin' somewhere.)

Okay, that's all for today. Questions, as always, are needed.

  Adam Pawlus

Questions for October 6, 1999

Adam, does the Destroyer droid that comes with the R2-D2 play/Case unfold , or is it stuck rolled up? Also, it looks awfully thin!

Well, yeah, it's kinda stuck that way. It didn't listen to its mother when she warned it that it might happen.

A transforming one is not completely out of the question... as of now, there's three different Destroyer Droids that we know of from Hasbro. Heck, what's one more?

How come your only doing two columns a week now?

Coincidence. One week I was out of town (and away from the Mac of Doom... hey, They Might Be Giants only come to Arizona once in a century), and last week... well, dunno what happened there. But unless there's a huge dropoff in new and interesting questions, it'll still be officially three updates a week. And if I do cut it back to two due to time constraints, I'll increase the question load per update... so ya gots nothings to loses.

Why o' why did they change the shape of the commtech chips already?

Dunno. A new shape makes the toys look fresher at retail... something new to catch the unwary consumer's eye. That's probably the reason. If there's another price increase, though, I doubt sales will pick up due to a new chip.

What is going on with Go Figure! magazine? Is it dead? On hold? Or am do the bookstores & comic stops around me stink? The last one I got had K.I.S.S on the cover. I love it, man.

Unfortunately, it was put to sleep late last year. The last one I saw-- and wrote for-- was the KISS cover with the giant guys on it. (And if anyone out there needs a Star Wars columnist for their print mag, hey, I need the work.)

Never mind the "Kicking Obi-Wan Kenobi;" what the hell is the "Obi-Wan Kenobi w/Soft Goods" listed in the 2000 Hasbro figure list? Soft Goods?

Soft goods is toy company talk for cloth, hair... something that isn't plastic usually. In this case, they're referring to the (for lack of a better word) "skirt" piece and a braid that seems to be some sort of hair.

Adam: I am longing for the Walmart exclusive poster (as shown on the old hasbro site ) that pictures the entire 1995 to 1998 range of POTF2 figures. Do you know of a way to get hold of one? (Keep in mind that i'm in Australia).

Basically, you're screwed if you want one on the primary market. Since they were limited to one per household, not a lot of people took the effort to order extras. (Heck, even *I* only ordered one... kinda regret it now, but that's life.)

Your best bet? Watch the action figure magazine ads and check out toy shows. And, of course, the dreaded answer: ebay. When I checked, there was one there... just one. Here's hoping for a second edition some time soon from Hasbro-- I know I'd love a new version for my wall.

I'm wondering if hasbro gonna make the rest of Classic Figures & Vehicles little portion by portion starting @ 1999?
  -Rafael Fett

1999? I guess it took a long time to get the question to me, eh? :) Right now, it looks like Hasbro will make figures whenever they feel like it from whatever film they want. Kinda like always, but for some reason there's an ANH/TPM emphasis.

To answer the oft-asked "will they make all the classic vehicles", no. I can tell ya right now, it's not going to happen... the market isn't there, plus... mini-rigs. Now, for figures? Who knows? Maybe, but I'd be amazed to see figures like General Madine, the Imperial Dignitary, and Bespin Security Guards as anything but exclusives.

(Which, by the way, have yet to be announced by Hasbro.)

Is there any word on the Hoth Leia/Echo Base pop-up playset?

At the bottom of the page is a Q&A archive. Please read it.

Also, regarding the Hasbro site, I saw the vehicle poll they have and the Sith Infiltrator is currently winning quite handily. Do you think this means that there is a very good chance we'll get to see a 3-3/4" compatible Infiltrator? (I also wouldn't mind seeing a Bongo).

When Hasbro asks for fan input, usually they're cooking something up for us. While they haven't come out and said "we dig the feedback, we're doing an Infiltrator," it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if they were looking in to doing one... if the market's there.

Why, oh why is there no plans for a POTF2 version of the Biker Scouts (other than the vehicle version.) Is this petition material, or am I the only one that wants them?

Hey, be fair. Everybody wants a new Biker Scout... or six. Hasbro's apparent aversion to anything non-ANH in the classic line would be what I would blame for the lack of a new Scout Trooper. We'll probably see one some day, but we're just now getting a Stormtrooper resculpt.

Now wake up, puppet boy!

  Adam Pawlus

Questions for October 8, 1999

Does Hasbro have any plan to make Bespin Leia in either, Classic line (3 1/2") or Action Collection line?

Hasbro has yet to say that they will not make any character under any circumstances, but so far, the two Bespin Leias seem pretty neglected compared to the other dresses. Nothing is confirmed for 2000 on either the muave or white Bespin Leias as of yet.

For the record (and those who are joining our regularly scheduled program) Bespin Leia in a muave gown is available as a 4" Vintage figure, and a Leia Collection 4" figure. Bespin Escape Leia is available as a very nice Epic Force figure.

Do you now were i can find a web site that has a muftak and kabe for sale or were i can find this figure set.

CORRECTION: I only thought Mos Espa had it since they had all the other exclusives... whoops.

When do you think the most likely time will be for Hasbro to switch their "Classic" line from strictly ANH to ESB figures?

Well, the original marketing for Classic in 1999 had a lot to do with tying in ANH with TPM. However, of the 11 Flashback figures, only 6 were ANH... but all the CommTechs so far are ANH. I agree we need to see some more ESB or ROJ figures mainly because I'll vomit if I see another retread of Tatooine Luke... but if we can squeeze out some more pilots or Cantina dudes first, hey, you won't hear me gripe.

Why, oh why, is the new stormtrooper not being packed with a standard blaster rifle?

So we can work the phrase "Hey, they really pulled a Hasbro on that one" in conversations.

Honestly, I have no idea why. That blaster rifle is as much a part of the stormtrooper as a helmet. Or Vader without his red lightsaber. (*cough*) It would make sense if Hasbro had an Imperial armament accessory kit out... but they don't.

I was in a toy store yesterday here in Southern California and I saw an Tatooine Accessory Set with a Sith Accessory Set label on it. Is this an error, or could someone have switched it on purpose.

Yes. It's definitely an error, but who caused the error? Who knows? This is why most of us don't think much of most errors... if it's something *I* can fake, then it's not really worth taking note of unless those things are cool to you. (And some are pretty cool.)

what do you think are the chances that Naboo wil become Dagobah?

Since the official Behind the Magic space atlas map deal had Naboo and Dagobah as separate worlds, I'd say not very good.

Any rumors as to store exlcusives for Christmas for the 12" POTF2 line or the 12" Episode 1 line?

Nope. Hasbro previously said "no exclusives in 1999"... granted, they said a lot of things, but it looks like they're sticking with this one.

(Which, by the way, have yet to be announced by Hasbro.)

I've heard rumors that Hasbro produced a figure with the same basic sculpt as the Hologram R2, but without the hologram projector or the mini-holographic Leia accessory. The rumor was that this figure was made in very limited quantities and only a few were sold via MosEspa.com. Can you confirm or deny?

Deny. The figure received from Mos Espa was the CommTech POTF2 holo one.

Just curious, but does Hasbro not own a spell checker?!? What's the deal with updates every week about another misspelled word on the cards? I know it's trivial, but it seems like a large company like Hasbro could cut out the stupid errors.

In Hasbro's defense, Star Wars fans are a very scrutinizing group of fans, and the new cards to have quite a bit of text to screw up. A lot of the errors are probably the result of human error. Hey, look at Beast Wars... a lot of those cards have blurbs on the back that don't make all that much sense. :)

I have a set of the original POTF coins that came out in 1985. My question is, "How were the vehicle coins (i.e. Millenium Falcon, AT-AT) intended to be distributed?" All the others were of characters that could obviously be packaged with the corresponding figure.

They were available as mail-ins with one Proof-Of-Purchase (and no receipts and no checks for $1.99) in the good ol' days, 1984 if I'm not mistaken. I don't believe Hasbro intended to package coins with its POTF vehicles, but then again, my knowledge of the unused POTF 1985 concepts is pretty much limited to the stuff that's appeared on line and in print, so they might have tossed that one around.

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