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Questions for November 1, 1999

Will we have to wait untill Episode 2 to see a Mace figure with a correct saber(yellow blade with a hilt similar to Maul's)?

Well, until I see otherwise on screen, the correct Lightsaber is the one included with the action figure. I might've missed the memo on the yellow one, but as far as I'm concerned, Hasbro's got it right until its proven wrong.

In your Q&A column you have said that three destroyer droids would be out in the nest year (hopefully). I know that there is the original and battle dammaged, but i cant find the third?

There's the "Ball" one in the R2-D2 Carry Case. Heck, there could still be another one, there seems to be a real zeal at Hasbro in remaking popular figures (or in the case of Jar Jar, hated characters.)

I am a U.K. collector of StarWars figures but find it very difficult to purchase the new lines.Are there any recommended web sites i can purchase figures that deliver to the U.K.I wouldappreciate your help on this matter.

There are a lot of small stores online that will probably ship out of the country, but I should probably mention that Entertainment Earth does ship figures overseas, and if you order via phone, the Fan Club usually will as well.

Ever wonder why Hasbro has opted, for both the Action Collection line and standard figure size line, to give battle droids a few different "wear & tear" paint jobs, but no colour designations like we see in the film (blue, red)? Unless you count OOM-9.

The other colored droids will happen, but at least one or two of them will be packed with a vehicle (read: mini-rig) next year for like ten bucks. Which, in all honesty, doesn't seem bad for what we'll be getting (if you dig that funky stuff.)

Why did Hasbro drop the Kenner name on the new Star Wars toys? I miss seeing the Kenner logo.

I agree. To me, while growing up, Kenner WAS action figures. Other than Transformers, I owned maybe 10 Hasbro toys (before SW and all things Kenner became officially Hasbro.) Considering I bought a *lot* of action figures, that reflected pretty poorly on 'em as far as I was concerned. The name drop was due to Hasbro's wanting to bring all of its stuff under one unified umbrella-- just using one brand name makes a company stronger than using several. In other words, a really big "Hasbro" is better than "Hasbro", "Kenner", "Koosh", "Parker Bros.", etc... to some people. Me, I like the little brand names. And I loved Kenner. Goofy as those Batman repaints were, it was still a sign of quality on my action figures.

  -Steve Kidman

Six bucks? Oh, it's Canadian? Make that a buck fifty. :)

Any update on the possibility of us seeing Darth Maul's Sith Infiltrator anytime soon?

Nothing is official, but I think it's a safe bet that Hasbro wants to sell us this toy soon.

What's up with Hasbro's availability listings? The Skiff and Pilot Cinema Scenes are listed as being out in June and August, respectively, but I've yet to see them, is it just bad luck or are they not really out?

Hasbro's really lousy case pack-outs, unpopular product, and low orders from retailers are to blame for these being hard to get. I have one of each (opened, of course), so they do exist. But I have never seen them in stores either. There's a lot of these out there (Etoys, Entertainment Earth, etc.), and people say they do see them at retail. Not me, though. Kinda sucks.

Where in the blazes is a POTF2 Amanaman???

Somewhere in the future. Possibly never. It's probably the most requested as-of-yet-un-POTF2ed alien right now, but that is a pretty short list unless you include Ewoks, and few do.

do you know if hasbro has any for a Nute Gunray with Mechno-Chair. I think that would be cool what do you think?

I mentioned that to 'em. I can hope, but I wouldn't hold my breath considering the staggering popularity of the current figure.

I think i'm only a spudboy looking for a real tomato

  Adam Pawlus

Questions for November 5, 1999

I picked up a potf2 Lando Calrissian (Bepsin) figure at a flee market about a year ago , but there is something starnge about it. It has the letters G u written in a balck marker over the Star Wars logo. Is this some kind of special figure or did someone just say hey I'm going to write G u on the Star Wars logo of a Lando Calrissian figure?

Someone wrote on a figure with a marker. Unless you were handed it by a Hasbro employee that said it was something special, it's a pretty safe bet what you have is a damaged pegwarmer.

Any idea on when the Marmit TIE pilot; sandtrooper; and Boba Fett are due?

Most signs point to early next year, but the ever-popular delay of all things Star Wars could cause it to be later.

Hi...what's with the 2 soldiers in Final Fantasy III and FF VIII being named Biggs and Wedge?

The creators of Final Fantasy are very big on references to mythology of all sorts. Cerebus, the Chimera, and Gilgamesh are amongst those re-immortalized in Final Fantasy. Biggs & Wedge are nod to the best knownt modern fairy tale/mythology... the guys at Square often put little nods toward Star Wars like that. I can't remember if a Biggs and Wedge appeared in the Secret of Mana (awesome game, haven't played it recently), but they did appear in Final Fantasy VII as part of the obligatory resistance faction that appears in every console RPG these days.

Will we be seeing every Queen Amidala costume variation in the Episode I 3 3/4 line?
  -M. Ryan

Since Hasbro never said never, it's possible. They've got until 2002 to fill with Star Wars figures, and the Queen's wardrobe is a well of variety most toy companies would go gonzo for. Since the last Queen continues to sell quite well, it's a safe bet we'll see at least one or two a year between now and the time the series becomes unprofitable.

I have a Darktrooper, carded and in mint condition. BUT, it is from Japan, so it has the Japanese Hasbro sticker on the back. Other than that, it's the same as the US version. Does that increase or decrease it's value?

Okay, first of all, anyone who asks me how much their junk is worth usually gets hit with my delete key. But this time, I figured the question serves a very useful purpose-- it illustrates the "it's worth what someone is willing to pay for it" idea perfectly.

Many collectors are only interested in that which comes in American packages-- no stickers, no blemishes, none of that. A figure like this-- especially if that sticker doesn't come off easily-- is considered damaged goods and therefore not worth as much, since it is a figure that is mildly tough to get as far as new stuff is concerned.

If someone is gonzo for variations, foreign stuff, etc., it might be worth more to them. But it all boils down to "how neat is that?" It all goes into the school of thought that an autographed figure might be considered damaged goods-- a 21-back Boba Fett from the original series sure as heck isn't worth as much with an ink scribble as it would be without it.

So to answer your question, throw your mass-produced relatively recent and still being made item on ebay and see what it goes for. The buyer in this hobby dictates the price, which is truer now than it was before since many print price guides are slowly becoming out of touch (or in some cases, more so than they were before.)

How exactly does Hasbro pick what characters to make into plastic? It doesn't seem to be working that well....

They pick characters they think will be popular and/or will sell well. With few exceptions, they're usually right-- the problem is some figures end up being incredibly popular while others just sit. It's not always possible to tell before a figure hits retail, but as far as pleasing collectors goes, only the very picky really have anything to complain about. (Yes, a new Jar Jar seems dumb with the current one not selling, but since I'm getting my TC-14, Wuher, and Mas Amedda, hey, it doesn't bug me for too long.) At least most of us are getting what we want... even if it is 4 months after release.

Do you know what ever happened to the Virago hasbro was supposed make back when the produced the SOTE line and Service Merchandise claimed they had it. But i never seen it anywhere>

Despite being in some catalogs (and a brief fiasco where Hasbro took orders-- like credit card numbers-- for the item), it doesn't exist beyond a very, very, VERY early prototype stage.

I noticed that the names of the skiff guards are Klaatu, Barada, and Nikto. These are also the magic words used by Ash in Army of Darkness to retrieve the evil Necronomicon. What is the connection?

It's a reference to the sci-fi classic, The Day The Earth Stood Still. The flick was given a nod in Return of the Jedi in the form of three aliens, the magic words in Army of Darkness, an episode of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon, and countless other places. It's a popular in-joke/tribute, kinda like "1138" or someone saying "Snoochie Boochies."

Is there a hope that we will get that adorable Darth Vader buddy yet?? I really hope so...that thing is the cutest Star Wars toy ever...

Well, according to the Hasbro Q&A which is linked to below, it hasn't been cancelled.

I heard they're making a Qui-Gon with poncho on a single card. Don't you think they should have done a Tatooine Luke with poncho first?


Many of you have written in asking "why wasn't there an update last Friday or this Wednesday?" Well, truth be told, there weren't enough questions that were new to justify it. I mean, c'mon, how many times do you want to read an answer to "how much is my Episode One Yoda worth?"

So please, send in those questions. Please. I'm not just saying that.

Oh, and go see Princess Mononoke if it's playing in a theater near you. The animation is great, but since I've only seen it subtitled, I can't comment on the dub just yet.

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