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Questions for November 15, 1999

What's up with that horrible new 12" Chewbacca?

I think the saying goes something like "Nothing is so good that someone, somewhere, will not hate it." Hasbro's treatment of the 12" line-- not the whole treatment, just most of it-- shows that most toys aren't going to be liked by the vast majority of people. Considering the vast number of merchandise out there to collect, I would take this as a sign to spend $25 on something other than the 12" Chewbacca. For example, the huge friggin' LEGO sets next year...

Ok this is probably a dumb question but anyways there is a woman in Jabba's palace. Not a dancer but just a patron. She has like this funky blond/blue wig and rushes to see the commotion just before Boushh makes his/her entrance..Who is this woman?

I know she appears and is named in the Jabba's Palace expansion to the Customizable Card Game.

According to the game, her name is Jess. (No, I'm not yanking your chain this time.) She also appears in the Star Wars Chronicles book.

Any sign of an action figure of the PK units? They're the short white droids on the Trade Federation Control Ship and later at the Battle of Naboo. I don't think I've ever seen a toy of them.

Like most characters one doesn't see figures for, there are no figures for these characters as of yet. No announcements, no customs... kinda surprising, I thought the little buggers would make fine figures.

Adam, where did the POTF2 figures go?? I mean it seems like starting in the? Summer of 98 I couldnt find any new ones on the shelves in any store.? In particular:? Lobot, Ugnaughts, Zuckuss, Captain Piett, Death Star Trooper, Death Star Droid, Rebel Endor Soldier, Ree-Yees, Ewok 2pk, 8D8, or Ishi Tib.? Where did these figures go?

Europe, the Fan Club, and of course eBay. The Death Star Droid was never seen in US stores, and I have yet to hear of a person seeing them in stores elsewhere... or I heard and forgot. Now 8D8... you want 8D8s? The Walgreens by my home has dozens at $1.99 per, Ugnaughts too. Kay-Bees all over have 'em as well. As far as the others, aside from the Ewoks, you're not likely to see them outside a collectible store or a flea market.

Do you think that Hasbro will make a Darth Maul figure that will be able to come appart at the waist? That would be an awsome figure.

Get ye a saw. Make ye a custom.

What's your favorite scary movie?

Young Frankenstein. (Scared the willies out of me!)

You might have answered this already (i'm pretty new to the site), but why to the Comm-Tech chips suck so bad? Did they just not want to pay the extra cash to get the actors to record the voices?

Some of those are the actors. Compression can really gum up a chip. As to most of them sucking, well, these chips were made before the movie, meaning that Hasbro was probably given a partial script a year or two before the toys were finalized, which was some point in late 1998.

So for this year, yeah, it's a new technology and they didn't have much to work with. So I would think it's fair to cut them some slack. Now next year... if they suck we'll know once and for all the chips are, more or less, just stands.

Are there any plans for a FX-7 figure in 2000?

Probably not. Not that anyone has heard of.

Where do you think POTF2 is going?? Will they remake all of the 1995 thru pre-COMM tech figures with the COMM tech chips? How much longer are they going to make POTF2?

Well, they're going toward the light. We're going to see a lot of really neat stuff next year, meaning there's not a whole lot left to make.

Hasbro will not be recarding pre-CommTech dudes with the chips, but new versions of existing figures are things I wouldn't write off.

We will see POTF2 until the line becomes unprofitable. Considering the collector enthusiasm for the product over, say, Episode One... we might see POTF2 for a while longer.

I just saw the announcment of more EP1 Action Fleet vehicles. Do you know if Hasbro has any plans to continue with the Galoob "classic" or EU Action Fleet vehicle line?

When I last heard about Galoob's future line, Classic wasn't part of it. In the catalog I saw with the Sith Infiltrator AF and others a few months back, there were no classic items of any kind shown.

I've got a question for alla you today... has anyone heard of a CD called "Urgh! A Music War"? Tryin' to find me one... hey, a live CD with Devo and Oingo Boingo has got to be worth owning, right? :) If anyone out there knows where one can buy one, hey, please drop me a note.

  Adam Pawlus

Questions for November 17, 1999

Do you know of place on-line where I could buy the Illusive Concepts Rancor Maquette with out going through a place like eBay?

I know it can be a little tough to find these days, but there's an oversize publication called Toy Shop that's basically nothing but ads for toys and character collectibles. There's almost always at least one ad in there for Illusive stuff from some dealer, usually at lowered prices... it's definitely worth a look. The last issue I bought was from Borders, but Barnes & Noble often has 'em as well.

Why oh why does hasbro not realease more of the? vehicles for the POTF 2 line? I weep at night because i can only afford a mildewed Imperial Shuttle on my meager clerk wages!!

The ships take a lot more time and energy to make and don't yield the same profits as figures, as is my understanding. The Shuttle would take up so much shelf space at retail and cost so much that it might not be worth it for Hasbro to make nowadays. With all the remakes, some of which are not exactly great toys, no toys often beats bad toys.

I don't know if you have answered this question before, so hear it is: Could you please explain the difference between the first potf2 Darth Vader and the SOTE repose Darth Vader.

The sculpt of the arms and legs is different, and the cape is more dynamic. Check out the photo archive here at Rebelscum for images.

There's been a lot of talk recently about the quality of the 12" line. What I want to know is Is there a different division at Hasbro that makes these figures? Who are they?

The Rhode Island division, Hasbro Direct (formerly New Ventures, Kid Dimension, etc.) makes the 12" line in its entirety, the carry cases, the playsets (not the dioramas), and a few of the role-play items.

I just read the tragic news of Mary Kay Bergman's death over at anotheruniverse.com's Daily Buzz. In addition to Batgirl, Daphne and many other credits, one of her credits was on The Phantom Menace. What voice(s) did she do for Episode One?

According to the Internet Movie Database, she voiced a bunch of characters that, unfortunately, went pretty much unseen or unheard in the film. Their list:

Old naboo Woman/Torno the Hammerhead Boy/Torno's Mother/Lost Human Boy/Female Human Merchant

However, she is better known as almost every female voice on South Park. While Matt & Trey did the bulk of the male characters, Ms. Bergman voiced Shelly, Cartman's mom, Wendy, Mrs. Crabtree, and others... pretty much every female character. While working only in the shadows of the Star Wars universe, her work is known by almost any fan of American animation, and the gap left by her death will most certainly be felt by the entire industry. She will be missed.

Do you if there is any "official" word on why the brand name Kenner has been replaced by Hasbro on Star Wars and Batman lines of toys?

The establishment of "Hasbro" as a brand name would be diminished if "Kenner" still appears on products, as it was viewed by many as a different company. I'm pretty sure it was done just to keep all their products under one big happy umbrella, and of course the brand name deal.

When will Hasbro get back to its Expanded Universe line?

Unfortunately, it's not a matter of "when will" but simply "will they get back to Expanded Universe." The figures sold incredibly well, which probably had a lot to do with the clearance sales going on. I heard many $3 Darktrooper stories... I got my Spacetrooper for $2.97.

It seems kinda goofy to not try for a second wave of a couple of figures... but well, there's a long time before Star Wars figures cease production, so there's always hope that we'll see more.

I know there has been a lot of anticipation for a Boba Fett resculpt, and I'm one of those who would be in line. However, since Lucas announced last fall that Fett would appear in E2, don't you think that Hasbro will hold off on a new POTF and offer the E2 version in a year and a half?

Well, truth be told, I'm surprised Hasbro hasn't offered as many Fetts as they have Vaders. He's a very popular character, and has been pretty tough to find in his first POTF2 incarnation since early 1998. Holding off doesn't make too much sense, as the figure will sell if it ends up being as cool as, say, RH Vader.

I was thinking of making a diorama of Gungan city in an old fishtank I have with all the sea-creatures, opee, and of course (when he arrives) SWIMMING JAR JAR BINKS! LONG LIVE JAR JAR (just kidding).

Anyway, I was wondering if submerging my plastic friends in water for an extended period of time will do any long term damage to the plastic?

I've never heard of a real problem... anybody out there have experience with this?

Jen from Hasbro has said recently that she would very much like to see a POTF2 carded Biker Scout. What influence does she have over what figures are produced? In other words, does this mean that there's a very good chance that we'll be seeing a POTF2 carded Biker Scout before too much longer?

She's pretty big on the Star Wars brand over there, so her wanting to see something is a very, very, very good thing. Heck, it could come out next year... we're just gonna have to wait and see. We'll probably have info by February, because they show this stuff at Toy Fair in New York. Usually.


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