Dark Times ? Fire Carrier 4
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This week continues the exciting action in Dark Times ? Fire Carrier #4, the fourth installment in the five-part series. Randy Stradley and Gabriel Guzman, with cover art by Dark Times veteran Doug Wheatley, use their considerable talents to tell the tale of a pair of Jedi masters protecting their young charges from the realities of The Purge!

In this issue: Jedi Master K?Kruhk goes to war against the soldiers of a local militia in order to give the Padawans he?s vowed to protect a chance to escape. But the Padawans have encountered a new, unexpected danger in the forest. What?s worse is that the Empire has become suspicious of the militia?s activities and is bringing in troops to investigate. The Force is a powerful ally, but even a Jedi Master can?t fight a battle on three fronts!

And, for the fans who live in the electronic realm, the digital comics available this week at digital.darkhorse.com include: Star Wars: Dark Times ? Fire Carrier #4.