Posted by Curto on May 14, 2011 at 07:16 AM CST
While our rebel spies are working hard to slice into the holonet, they've passed along a new batch of Target DPCI numbers. These are what the Target employees are using for the new toy aisle reset that's taking place this weekend (or thereabouts...your local store may differ).

DPCI             Item Description
087-06-1527   star wars megabattler 10in figure
087-06-1622   star wars grevious lightsaber
087-06-0635   star wars galactic hero play set
087-06-2265   star wars basic blaster
087-06-1345   star wars 3.75in battle pack
087-06-1347   star wars CW starfighter vehicle
087-06-0634   star wars geonosis arena pack
087-06-1136   star wars electronic lightsaber

087-06-1351   star wars 3.75in vintage figure
087-06-1339   star wars 3.75 cw basic figure
087-06-1335   star wars saga legends basic figure
087-06-0302   star wars vintage 3 pack figures
087-06-0044   star wars figure 2pack
087-06-1343   star wars transformers figure
087-06-1401   star wars galactic heroes
087-06-1402   star wars dlx figure and vehicles

There doesn't appear to be anything "new" new listed here, but there are some strange listings here that are curious.

Despite being canceled, the Galactic Heroes line appears to still be taking up peg space until the holidays. Also, the exclusive 3-packs are slated for the regular toy aisle instead of an endcap. There are reports that the 3-packs will see another wave this fall, so that indeed makes sense.

Happy hunting!