(The Empire Strikes Back)

Year: 2006

(Vinyl Collectible Dolls)

Retail: $59.99

Item Number: 4316

Comments: Darth Vader stands roughly 10-inches tall, and the stylized caricature sculpture captures Vader's most iconic features. The figure is highly poseable, and includes his lightsaber, removable outer helmet, and fabric cape with real chain clasp.

sw06VCDvader309.jpg sw06VCDvader310.jpg sw06VCDvader311.jpg sw06VCDvader312.jpg
sw06VCDvader284.jpg sw06VCDvader288.jpg sw06VCDvader289.jpg sw06VCDvader290.jpg
sw06VCDvader291.jpg sw06VCDvader292.jpg sw06VCDvader293.jpg sw06VCDvader294.jpg
sw06VCDvader297.jpg sw06VCDvader298.jpg sw06VCDvader300.jpg sw06VCDvader299.jpg
sw06VCDvader301.jpg sw06VCDvader302.jpg sw06VCDvader306.jpg sw06VCDvader305.jpg
sw06VCDvader308.jpg sw06VCDvader296.jpg sw06VCDvader307.jpg sw06VCDvader314.jpg

Points of Interest:

  • Medicom Toy Corporation has designed and produced one of the most unique Star Wars collectible lines, the VCD (Vinyl Collectible Dolls) series. These high quality figures were previously available only in Japan, and only in extremely limited quantities.
  • Photography by Dave Myatt

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