Star Wars Miniatures
LEAGUE KIT (May 2006)

(Star Wars)

Year: 2006

Part Number: B0000006600


  • 6 Mon Calamari Mercenary
  • 3 Damage and Counter Sheets
  • 2 Season Posters
  • 1 Vinyl Window Cling
  • Tournament and League paperwork

Comments: Star Wars Miniatures retailer kits provide stores with play formats, marketing materials, and prize support for players visiting their space. None of these materials is available anywhere else. Become the hottest space sport in your system and contact your direct sales representative at Wizards of the Coast today to order your kit.

Points of Interest:
  • The Mon Calamari Mercenary included in this kit is the same promotional figure as the Mon Calamari Mercenary Promo figure from the Rebel Storm expansion set, which was also available as a common figure in the set.

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