Mandalorians & Omega Squad

Source: Expanded Universe:
Republic Elite Forces

Year: 2007
(Entertainment Earth Exclusive)

Assortment: Multipacks

Retail: $66.99
(Sets are sold together)

Assortment Number: 87455/87467

UPC Number: 6 53569 26404 0

Comments: A secret army of clone troopers is being engineered on Kamino, created from the genes of Jango Fett, a Mandalorian whose combat skills are exceptional even among the great Mandalorian warrior society. Special clones are created to command these soldiers, but they must be trained to become leaders. Fett seeks out the very best Mandalorian warriors from every corner of the galaxy. These sergeants will train the commandos to fight and lead, and instill in them the Mandalorian values of iron discipline and loyalty.


Everything in the life of Llats revolves around battle and war. He has studied and memorized the campaigns of all the great Mandalorian leaders of the past, and uses these as lessons to enhance the clone troopers' fighting skills.
  • Llats Ward is a kit-bashed figure that uses parts from 2004's VOTC Boba Fett's arms and legs, along with a new head, belt, and torso.

  • Weapons and Accessories:
  • Cape
  • Removable Helmet
  • Blaster Pistol
  • BlasTech T-21 Light Repeating Blaster Rifle


    Rav is a sharpened battle instrument, attacking with surgical precision and stunning efficiency. Jango handpicks her to assist in the training of the clone commandos, where she hammers their independent natures into razor-edged power.
  • Rav Bralor is an all-new figure.

  • Weapons and Accessories:
  • Cape
  • Removable Helmet
  • Two Blasters


    Brotherhood, stamina, loyalty. These are three pillars upon which B'arin Apma rests his entire life. These are also the three main tenets that he drills into the clone troopers he trains as essential to a superior soldier as marksmanship and courage.
  • B'Arin Apma is a kit-bashed figure that uses parts from Jango Fett (Kamino Escape) legs from the upcoming Evolutions Jango Fett, and a new head and torso.

  • Weapons and Accessories:
  • Mitrinomon Z-6 Jetpack
  • Removable Helmet
  • Two Westar-34 Blasters


    This elite clone commando squad wears black armor, unlike most other commando squads. They are originally from different squads whose ranks were ravaged during the Battle of Geonosis. Those who survived were combined to form the Omega Squad.
  • All four members of Omega Squad are repaints of the figures from the Republic Commando Delta Squad.

  • Weapons and Accessories:
  • 3 DC-17M Stock Mount
  • 1 DC-17M Stock Mount with Anti-Armor Attachment
  • 4 Unique Backpacks
  • Cannister Rack
  • Leg Pouches

  • Points of Interest:
  • This Mandalorians & Omega Squad pack is available as part of a Republic Elite Forces exclusive set, along with the Mandalorians & Clone Troopers pack, sold only from Entertainment Earth.
  • Llats Ward and Dred Priest share the same body, but each features a unique deco and different accessories.
  • B'Arin Apma and Mij Gilamar share the same body, but each features a unique deco and different accessories.
  • Rav Bralor and Isabet Reau share the same body, but each features a unique deco and different accessories.
  • Photography by Dan Curto

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