2004 International Toy Fair New York

After first creating the Skywalker Ranch fire truck, Code 3 has released several impressive die-cast Star Wars vehicles to date, starting with the Millennium Falcon, and most recently the X-Wing Fighter, but most impressive of all is the upcoming Slave I.

After Lucasfilm contacted Code 3 about creating the Skywalker Ranch fire truck, they were impressed with the results, and the company's talent for capturing the small details. So a plan was put forth to create die-cast metal recreations of popular Star Wars vehicles, complete with cutaway panel sections that reveal the inner workings of the starcraft.

The First vehicle was the Millennium Falcon, arguably the most recognizable ship from the entire saga, featuring an opening cockpit, rotating cannon and radar dish. You can almost hear the engines roar to life when seeing this model up close.

Next came the X-Wing Starfighter, the ship that Luke Skywalker flew to destroy the dreaded Death Star, complete with accurate detailing and carbon scoring.

But Code 3 has outdone itself with Boba Fett's Slave I vehicle. Knowing how loved the character is among fandom, extra attention has been paid to get each detail exactly as specified. So much so in fact, that the prototype on display will undergo a few changes before it is released later this year. Expect some paint color changes on the outer hull, as well as inside the cockpit.

Speaking of the cockpit, a fantastic feature was added inside the ship so that when the vehicle moves from a landed position to a flying position, the cockpit actually rotates along with it! The wings will have to be moved manually, but this is a great feature.

The Slave I also includes several removable panels to show the inner workings of the spacecraft. These are removable with a special magnetic tool that is included in the case.

As an added bonus for fans, a Han Solo in Carbonite figure is also included along with a small post to make it look like it is hovering over the ground. While this is an unpainted prototype, you can see the details that go into even the smallest piece.

Slave I will available in a limited edition of 5,000 with a display case sold separately. A special edition of 500 pieces will be signed by Jeremy Bulloch, and will include the case.

When asked about the future of the line, it was revealed there are two other ships in the initial design stages, but they cannot be revealed. When I offered up a few suggestions, I was told that the Darth Vader TIE Fighter was the most popular vehicle requested by fans.

See the entire gallery here: Code 3.

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