Code 3 Collectibles continues their line of diecast vehicles with two new additions to the line, and a few others in the planning stages.

Republic Gunship
The Republic Gunship marks the first time a vehicle from the Prequel Trilogy and also the first time small figures have been included in one of their products. Several troops in the Army of the Republic are included in the cockpit of the ship, in the bay area, and even inside the side pod turrets...all led by Yoda!

Special features include a removable cockpit, opening side doors, rotating cannons and turrets, a rear tail ramp stocked with speeder bikes, a cargo net, and the platform that Yoda and the troops are attached can be removed revealing a second floor underneath.

Getting back to the Classic Trilogy, the AT-ST returns to the more traditional design for Code 3 with removable magnetic panels revealing the inner workings of the vehicle. Featuring rotating guns and removable side panels, you can even get a peek inside the cockpit and see the pilots. While not based an any particular actor, the detail on the innner ships are remarkable, from the folds in the uniforms, to the inner lining of the cockpit, right down to the instrument panels monitors. It should be noted that this is not the final product (as evidenced by the "Sample 3" marked on the back), as some elements such as the pilots helmet color will be changed.

As for the future, not much can be officially announced yet, but Code 3 expects to have ore news at Celebration III. However, our conversation with Code 3 included some possibilities, such as Darth vader's TIE Fighter, a normal TIE Fighter (we talked to some length as to which version would be desired), an AT-AT (complete with Imperial Hoth troopers), a Jawa Sandcrawler (imagine the possibilites with small droid figures!), and possibly another prequel vehicle. When asked what fans have been requesting the most, the answer was surpring: a Star Destroyer. Imagine the possibilites....

Check out the rest of the photos here.

Legendary Casts
One of the most fascinating new lines on display at Code 3 was a line of movie poster sculptures called Legendary Casts. These bas relief sculptures recreate the artwork found in the posters and really bring the poster to life! These can then be displayed on desktops and mantles, or hung on walls with the attached hooks. Posters on display were from films across the spectrum. Disney films such as Cinderella, classic monsters such as the Creature from the Black Lagoon, Lord of the Rings, and my favorite in the line, Scarface. Even more exciting was the news that this line may branch off into recreating Marvel Comic covers from classic issues of X-Men, Spider-Man, and Fantastic Four.

But let's get back to Star Wars...there were four Lengendary Casts pieces on display at Toy Fair. All three style-A posters from the Classic Trilogy were shown, as well as style-D from A New Hope because this is George Lucas' own personal favorite. These not only bring the posters to life, but by looking into the sculpture, you can see additional details such as Han Solo's hand carrying Princess Leia as was originally drawn and then painted over.

No photography was allowed as these were still in the design stages and are pending approval, however, with the help of our friends from TheForce.Net, you can see the posters in question, and read up on the history behind each one.

UPDATE: We can now show you the photos from Toy Fair! Click here and be impressed!