Other Star Wars Items
We ran into several other Star Wars licensees that we did not have appointments with. We sort of just showed up, started asking questions, taking pictures, and got the scoop on their product for 2005. While most people never heard of us, which was to be expected sicne we don't normally deal with them, it's amazing to me just how many people were nervous tolet us shoot their product...you'd think they didn't want to get the word out!

Books Upcoming titles from Scholastic Inc and DK Publishing. Young reader film adaptations, ultimate sticker books, incredible cross-sections, and visual dictionaries are sure please fans of all ages.

Comic Images Bobblehead Pens and Statues, Gumball Machines, and Ceramic and Plastic Banks in the shapes of Darth Vader and Yoda.

Kurt S Adler, Inc. Holiday ornaments, nutcrackers, stockings, and spinners. Best of all, there are over a dozen ornaments from The Star Wars Mpire on display!

Mello Smello A large line of products for fans including stickers, temporary tattoos, and 3D Vivid Vision posters with characters from across all the films.

Overbreak LLC Star Wars Hoverdiscs!

Trends Posters

Jakks Pacific Plug N Play TV Games

Non-Star Wars Items
Toy Fair. It's not ALL about Star Wars, after all! Here are a few galleries of stuff that we saw that was pretty damn cool it its own right!

Fifth Element Prototypes and more by the sculptor

WizKids (HeroClix for Marvel and DC Comics, SportClix, etc.)

McFarlane toys on display

Rubie's Lord of the Rings costumes

NECA Promotional CD (Sin City, Masters of the Universe busts, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Pirates of the Caribbean, and more!)

Palisades new SESAME STREET line including SUPER GROVER!!

Sideshow Collectibles non-Star Wars lines: James Bond, Lord of the Rings, Marvel Comics, Terminator, and many, many more.

Kubricks, Bearbricks, and More!

Limited By Cas (replicas from ELEKTRA)

Family Guy Action Figures by Mezco Toys

Mezco Toys Other toy lines from MEzco

Marvel Legends Marvel Super-Heroes come to life!

Spider-Man More wall-crawling adventure with action figures.

Fantastic Four Toy Biz recreates toys from the upcoming film.

Lord of the Rings Action figures from the films.

Hasbro Other Toy Lines Transformers, GIJoe, and Fur Real Friends.