Rebelscum Five Year Anniversary Winners

Rebelscum would like to take a moment and thank all the terrific sponsors who were so very generous with the gift-giving for our big day. The bonanza wouldn't have been what it was without Entertainment Earth, Decipher, LEGO, Aisle Sniper, Toy Palace, Mr. Jeremy Bulloch, Jawa Force, the Sci-Fi Expo, The Entertainer, M and M Collectibles, Topps, Planet Action Figure, Ultarama, Tataouine Tours, and Yestertoys.

Below are the winners of the Rebelscum Brithday Giveaway Bonanza, in the order they were randomly selected. The 1st place winner got to pick first from the incredible list of birthday presents seen here. 2nd place got second pick, third got third pick, and so on until there weren't anymore gifts to give.

And the winners are...

1.) Milt Hagerstrand 41.) Roberta Granek 81.) Joel Hoornbeek
2.) Becky Riles 42.) Anthony Sanchez 82.) Peter Svab
3.) Nathan Boyd 43.) Eric Giberson 83.) Aaron Wyant
4.) Marc Dluger 44.) Michael Leahey 84.) Michael LeFrancois
5.) Marco Rosichelii 45.) J. Schmidt 85.) Randy Hancock
6.) Travis Featherston 46.) Jeff Podoshen 86.) Duke Dolney
7.) Andrew Pruette 47.) Todd Wood 87.) Kraig McLaughlin
8.) Jeff Wilk 48.) Evan O'Dell 88.) Tony Leininger
9.) Sara Gadola 49.) Dave Frey 89.) Zack Hudson
10.) John Shepard 50.) Eric Berryman 90.) Nick Nichols
11.) Tim Scott 51.) Shari Dunagan 91.) Barry Mazzoni
12.) Michael Chappelle 52.) Greg Suess 92.) Randy Cross
13.) Rob Richardson 53.) Chris Wiseman 93.) Cindy Scott
14.) Donny Morrow 54.) Andy Bartlett 94.) Jake Stevens
15.) Carrie Favela 55.) Jamie Stroud 95.) Randy Goth
16.) Marc Jouin 56.) Marco Dalbo 96.) Dale Romick
17.) Christopher Ramos 57.) Lelong Nicolas 97.) James Parker
18.) Ray Hill 58.) David Tapia 98.) Adolfo Buso
19.) Brandon Vise 59.) Erick Powell 99.) Bob Post
20.) Michael Brodgon 60.) Hugh Williams 100.) Eric Self
21.) Tom Coombs, Jr. 61.) Adam Hix 101.) Andrew Leon
22.) Erick Lavigne 62.) John Williams 102.) Daniel Patascher
23.) David Schultz 63.) James Blair 103.) Keith Chan
24.) Brent Elliott 64.) Norm Walker 104.) Aaron Slagle
25.) Steven Stockwell 65.) Tyler Pugmire 105.) John Frigstad
26.) Phil Adams 66.) Michael Choothesa 106.) Mario Martinez
27.) Brian Weeks 67.) Jim Rahmer 107.) Andre White
28.) Luke Harris-Evans 68.) Glenn Schmukler 108.) Jason Tracewell
29.) Benjamin Richman 69.) Jeff Williams 109.) Greg Ottinger
30.) M. C. van der Meulen 70.) Brett Abel 110.) Brian Sounart
31.) Jeff Kelts 71.) Mike Higgs 111.) Scott Pearson
32.) Paula Hayes 72.) John Powers 112.) Michael Kerulf
33.) Heiko Ramsey 73.) Jonathan Brown 113.) Aaron Monk
34.) Jeff Morin 74.) Gary Scott 114.) Ben Clary
35.) Robert Bilyeu 75.) Eddie Johns, Jr. 115.) Ed Lee
36.) Colin Douglas 76.) Patrick Ramos 116.) Edward Mizerek
37.) Brian Belden 77.) Dwight Davis 117.) Larry DeGraw
38.) Chad Blair 78.) Nathan Beyeler
39.) Erica Facer 79.) Jill Marier  
40.) Theron Smith 80.) Jeff Zeiber  
2018 International Toy Fair Coverage
Rebelscum is an open book when it comes to how excited we are about the 3.75 inch scale Jabba's Sail Barge - but our fervour might not be shared by everyone so we want to know what you think. Pick the option below that best fits your frame of mind.
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It's only a matter of time before I put my pre-order in.
Awesome but I'm waiting for it to retail.
Love the concept but it's too pricey.
Maybe, but I'm worried about the crowd-funded concept.
No, I'm not into action figures collecting.
It's not available in my part of the world.
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