Classic Star Wars #7
February 1993
28ppg, $2.50

Writer: Archie Goodwin
Artist, Cover Artist: Al Williamson
Artist: Allen Nunis
Colorist, Cover Colors: Matthew Hollingsworth
Editor: Anina Bennett
Editor: Bob Cooper


C-3PO (See Threepio), R2-D2 (Artoo Detoo)

Yavin 4, Aquaris

Imperial Star Destroyer, Executor (in flashback), Millennium Falcon, Imperial Transport, TIE fighter

guard globes


This issue continues reprinting the sixth Archie Goodwin strip and the fifteenth overall, commonly called "Deadly Reunion" and ran between Nov 2, 1981 to Jan 3, 1982. It also begins the seventh Archie Goodwin strip and the sixteenth overall, commonly called "Traitor's Gambit". It ran between Jan 4, 1982 to Mar 7, 1982.

For an in-depth comparison of this issue to the original comic strips, please see the Classic Star Wars Issue Index.

Though listed as 'Artist', Allen Nunis is in fact performing Art retouch under the guidance and blessing of Al Williamson, according to the letters page of issue #10.
Threepio informs Leia and Chewbacca that Artoo has finally fixed the navigational computer, but unfortunately, they still cannot travel as they are trapped in the gravitational pull of the dwarf star that they were tricked into orbiting.

Elsewhere, Luke and Han have gone onboard a derelict ship to find the person responsible for luring them there. They meet Dr. Arakkus, former head of an Imperial weapons development complex the rebels destroyed. It's destruction caused him to be irradiated by an experiment. Now he wears a suit that slows the effects, and has devoted his last moments to dooming others. Han raises his blaster to shoot the crazed scientist but is blasted by one of the Doctor's guard globes.

Arakkus informs the star warriors that if anything were to happen to him, the negatron charges on his ship will be ignited and the entire graveyard of lost ships will be destroyed. Han and Luke return to the Falcon when Han gets a sudden burst of inspiration. They return to Arakkus' ship and Han rushes in and shoots on of the guard globes protecting the doctor. Luke grabs Arakkus and warns Han of the other guard globe bearing down on him. Han blasts that as well, and then takes the detonator off of Arakkus' suit.

Han and Luke begin to take Arakkus back to the Falcon but he breaks free; choosing to stay aboard his doomed vessel. Han starts the Falcon and begins to pull away from the star. He then detonates the negatron charges which blows them free of the stars gravity well, allowing them to jump safely to hyperspace and return to the rebel base.

On their way back to the Rebel base on Yavin 4, the crew of the Millennium Falcon is warned away, due to Imperial raids. Leia tells Han to reroute them towards Aquaris, an entirely water planet. When they arrive at the coordinates that Leia has given him, a landing platform rises out from under the water. The Falcon sets down and they are met by some of the newest members of the Rebel alliance.

Leia greets the armed party of Aquarians, and Han is seemingly shocked to hear the name of their leader, Silver Fyre, the leader of a big band of pirates and mercenaries. Leia shrugs off the accusations as the platform descends taking them a base at the bottom of the sea.

The rebels meet up with Silver Fyre, who dresses a little more casually then when Leia met her originally on Kabal. Han doesn't trust her sincerity, since she had once stolen some spice from him. Fyre repeats her commitment to being in the Rebel alliance as she shows them to their quarters.

Inside Han tells Luke more about his misgivings of Silver Fyre and worries about the information that the droids are carrying could fall into the wrong hands. Luke reminds Han to keep quiet about that information, but it is too late. Fyre's second-in-command has overheard the entire conversation and reports back to his master with the details.

Han reveals to Luke that a device he has picked up a listening device in the room. But before they can tell Leia, he needs further proof. The next morning, Fyre and Kraaken show Luke, Han and Chewbacca a trio of aqua-skimmers and requests that the three of them accompany her on a hunting party. Wanting to know more, Han asks what they are after. She promises to tell him in time, as they approach a rock formation with eight monstrous tentacles coming from behind it.

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