Classic Star Wars #6
January 1993
24ppg, $2.50

Writer: Archie Goodwin
Artist: Al Williamson
Artist, Cover Artist: Allen Nunis
Colorist: Steve Buccellato
Editor: Bob Cooper
Editor: Anina Bennett
Cover Colors: Matthew Hollingsworth

flying serpent

C-3PO (See Threepio), R2-D2 (Artoo Detoo)

Ophideraan, The Great Well, Kabal

TIE bomber, Millennium Falcon, escort frigate, Imperial Transport, cargo hauler, Kabal starship, Imperial Star Destroyer

guard globes

This issue continues reprinting the fifth Archie Goodwin strip and the fourteenth overall. It is commonly called "The Serpent Masters" and ran between Jul 27, 1981 to Nov 1, 1981. It also begins the sixth Archie Goodwin strip and the fifteenth overall, commonly called "Deadly Reunion" and ran between Nov 2, 1981 to Jan 3, 1982.

For an in-depth comparison of this issue to the original comic strips, please see the Classic Star Wars Issue Index.

The editor on the issue is listed as Anina Bennett, who actually left the series with issue #5 but has performed editorial duties up through issue #7. Bob Cooper, is in fact the correct editor for this issue, as per the letters page. Though listed as 'Artist', Allen Nunis is in fact performing Art retouch under the guidance and blessing of Al Williamson, according to the letters page of issue #10.

Includes a letter from Mary Jo Fox, a fellow member of the DCSWCC. Also includes pinup art on the Star Wars Showcase page by Noel Berube.
Tyrann is gloating that his chief scout has disarmed Luke Skywalker, and will soon finish him off. Luke pulls out his lightsaber to deflect the oncoming blasts while noticing the medallion around Tyrann's neck. He flies near and cuts it free. The medallion falls into the Great Well, and Tyrann, attempting to retrieve it, goes a little too far, and falls into the gigantic chasm.

With the medallion smashed, control over the flying beasts is relinquished causing the serpents to fly off, free. With the supreme serpent master gone, Tanith's people are freed, and Luke and Tanith depart on the cargo hauler to return Luke and the droids to the Rebellion. The ship lacks sufficient hyperdrive capabilities so they make contact with the fleet, which informs them that Han and Chewbacca are meeting Leia on the planet of Kabal. They decide to rendezvous there. But little do they know that an Imperial Star Destroyer is also making it's way to Kabal.

As Luke and Tanith land on Kabal, they notice that all the other ships are leaving. A local citizen informs them that the Empire is coming. Tanith tells Luke she must leave, as she is not willing to risk the loss of the cargo hauler, when it is so beneficial to her people. Luke tells her he understands and kisses her goodbye.

As Luke watches her ship leave, Princess Leia chides him about being able to take care of himself. Before they can exchange any more witty banter, a wave of TIE bombers descend on the city. The two make cover behind some buildings, but Leia is not sure that they will be able to survive a second attack.

Just as things look bleak, Han shows up and gets all of them out of the city and off planet in the Millennium Falcon. He blends in to the sensor cloud around the TIE bombers allowing them to escape. But when the peel off the group to jump to lightspeed, a group of bombers follows him. Unfortunately, the erratic maneuvers have short-circuited the hyperdrive so they must find somewhere to hide.

Chewie discovers a homing beacon on rebel frequencies, which leads them safely to a graveyard of lost ships circling a dwarf star. A voice comes over the cockpit speaker, and it is laughing. The star pilot attempts to blast out of the ship debris, but appears to be held in place by the collapsing dwarf star. The voice tells them it has succeeded in trapping them there, but does not elaborate.

Han and Luke suit up in space suits to investigate and find that the mysterious voice is transmitting from an old Imperial Transport. They are allowed in the hatch and discover an entire jungle-like environment in the hold, where they also find a man in a space suit. He claims to be living his last few hours and has lured them here to be trapped and die with him.

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