Classic Star Wars #1
August 1992
24ppg, $2.50

Writer: Archie Goodwin
Artist, Cover Artist: Al Williamson
Colorist: Steve Buccellato
Editor: Anina Bennett
Production Artist: Marty Todd
Cover Colors: Gregory Wright

lizard mount

C-3PO (See Threepio), R2-D2 (Artoo Detoo)

Jarnollen, Yavin 4, Ord Mantell


Rebel two-man scout craft, Millennium Falcon, TIE fighter, Imperial Star Destroyer, X-wing starfighter

atmosphere flyer, All Terrain Advance Raider (AT-AR), All Terrain Scout Transport (AT-ST walker)

This series of 20 issues reprints syndicated newspaper comic strips by Goodwin and Williamson that appeared between 1981 and 1984. The strips have been rearranged, reformatted and in some cases partially redrawn by Williamson himself to better suit the comic medium.

This issue begins reprinting the third Archie Goodwin strip (the first two being "Planet of Kadril" under the alias Russ Helm, and "Han Solo at Star's End" both with Alfredo Alcala) and the twelfth overall. It is commonly called "The Bounty Hunter of Ord Mantell" and ran between Feb 9, 1981 to Apr 19, 1981. This issue covers the daily and Sunday strips from 2/9/81 - 3/22/81.

"Jarnollen was the name coined for the jungle planet in Classic Star Wars #1" says Pablo Hidalgo on the Welcome some BAC VIPs message board at

Editor Anina Bennett revealed in the Stellar Scribes letter column for issue #2 that the cover colorist for the series is Gregory Wright.

Page 6 of this issue is an entirely new story page. For an in-depth comparison of this issue to the original comic strips, please see the Classic Star Wars Issue Index.
After the destruction of the Death Star and prior to the Battle of Hoth, Luke Skywalker and the rebels had many different adventures. This is one of them...

Luke and Leia have landed on a mysterious jungle planet while scouting for a new location for a rebel base. They discover that the planet is actually an Imperial training ground, full of Stormtrooper patrols. One such patrol discovers their spacecraft, and destroys it.

Back on Yavin IV the droids realize that Luke and Leia have been listed as dead and inform Captain Solo. He confronts General Dodonna who wishes he could help, but can't spare a ship. Han takes off in the Millennium Falcon to find them.

Back on the jungle planet, the young rebels manage to avoid a scout walker patrol momentarily. As the scout walker reacquires them and moves in, it is blasted by the approaching Falcon. Han urges them on board and they depart.

As they blast away from the planet, a TIE fighter squadron follows them, driving them toward a Star Destroyer convoy. Han engages full retro thrusters causing the TIEs to run into the tractor beam. The sudden maneuver has caused minor problems with the smugglers ship, so Han suggests they stop off at Ord Mantell for repairs.

Approaching the safety of Ord Mantell, they are shocked to see an Imperial Star Destroyer fleet. Fortunately the Star Destroyers are only scanning incoming traffic and not boarding them. The rebels check in with spaceport security and are observed by local bounty hunter Skorr and his associate Gribbet. Skorr quickly works up a plan to capture Han Solo for his bounty.

Skorr tracks them through the streets or Ord Mantell. Unaware they are being followed, Skorr instructs Gribbet to watch Luke and Leia and inform him when they are alone. Later that evening, Leia storms off after an argument with Han. Luke follows her to make sure she is safe. Hearing her scream Luke races around a corner, confronted by Skorr. The bounty hunter informs the young would-be Jedi that he has only knocked her unconscious. Luke ignites his lightsaber to defend himself, but is stunned by a bolt from Gribbet's blaster. Skorr admires the lightsaber, and decides it can be of use in his plan as well.

Back at the landing platform, Han discovers a holograph message plaque and Luke's lightsaber outside the ship. The message is from Skorr who informs him that he is holding Solo's friends. He will release them in exchange for Han, who must come alone. Han tells Chewie that Skorr is clever, but they need to be more clever. He departs for ten-mile plateau, as instructed, alone.

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