Posted by Jobi-Wan on July 10, 2023 at 08:19 AM CST
What a wonderful smell you've discovered, Rebelscum. Check out Nick's review of the SDCC exclusive Egg Attack Action Stormtrooper Han and Luke figures brought to you by our friends from Beast Kingdom. These figures feature rare face sculpts from Beast Kingdom, but based on their upcoming releases, we'll be seeing more face sculpts from them in the not too distant future. These figures feature lots of great articulation and some special Death Star accessories.

The pre-order window for these figures has closed, but if you're going to SDCC you can pick them up from Beast Kingdom at booth #2849!

If you act quickly, you can get in on a special contest Beast Kingdom is running. Here are the details from Beast Kingdom:
Wanna have a chance to WIN a SPECIAL gift??
Our mission is simple that’s applicable on either Beast Kingdom’s Instagram or Facebook:
1. Like Beast Kingdom’s SDCC invitation Post
2. Follow Beast Kingdom’s Fan Page
3. Share the BK’s invitation post and tag a friend who wants to go to SDCC

BK’s Instagram Post

BK’s Facebook post

*Starts Now!!!
*Ends on the 12th of July at PDT 11 pm.
*We will announce the winner on the 16th of July at 7 am PDT
*Two winners will be randomly selected from all the eligible participants on Beast Kingdom’s Instagram
*One winner will be randomly selected from all the eligible participants on Beast Kingdom’s Facebook
*Winner must PM us within 3 days; if the relevant contact information has not been provided before the specified time, it will be regarded as giving up the qualification to win the lottery.
*Giveaway open to those 18 & older with a North American mailing address or you may pick up at our SDCC Booth.

Exclusive Rebelscum Discount Code For First Time Buyers:
First time buyers, please use the below code for 10% off in-stock Egg Attack Action products via Beast Kingdom's website. Customers will need to create an account first and be logged in to use the codes. Products that are already discounted are excluded. Other exclusions may apply.

Promo Code: RSEAA10

What do you think Rebelscum? Are you planning on going to SDCC?
What other exclusives are you trying to acquire?
Let us know in the forums!

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