Posted by Chris on April 9, 2017 at 12:05 PM CST
Sith Holocron Puzzel Patch Set:

The Sith Holocron Puzzle Patch set is made up of four separate pieces and will be limited to just 270 of each. Hosted and designed by the Line Force Fan Club, it will be a scavenger hunt spanning all four days of Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017.

Featured sponsors:

Darth Sidious: Line Force Fan Club, Booth #1954
Darth Maul: The 501st Legion, Booth #3514
Darth Vader: Norwich Star Wars Club UK, Booth #1944
Darth Tyranus: The Emerald Garrison

The Emerald Garrison does not have a booth, but will be walking around the show floor and checking in at the Line Force Fan Club booth throughout the event, so be sure to check the other booths and all of the Facebook pages for daily posts on where to find the Emerald Garrison and what times to come back for your chance to obtain a patch piece.

Official Press Release for the Grand Admiral Thrawn Patch:

The Line Force Fan Club Grand Admiral Thrawn patch has a production run of 500 pieces and will be available for trade or as a prize from a dice chance game at the Line Force Fan Club booth (#1954) twice a day (except on Sunday).

Times will be:

Thursday from 1pm-2pm & 3pm-4pm
Friday from 12pm-1pm & 5pm-6pm
Saturday from 10am-11am & 3pm-4pm
Sunday from 12pm-1pm

One chance per person per spot in line. For example: If you are in line on Thursday at 1pm trying for a patch and you win, then you will have to wait to come back on the next time slot to win another one. If you didn't win the patch, you must go to the back of the line and are free to continue this until that hour's allotment of patches are gone. If you don't win the patch, you will receive the image in sticker form while supplies last.
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