Posted by Curto on June 22, 2006 at 10:34 AM CST
It all started back in December with the announcement in ToyFare #102 that ToyFare magazine would team up with Hasbro for the latest Fan's Choice Figure Poll.

Hasbro and ToyFare wanted to make sure that the voting wasn't limited in any way, so fans could nominate any character from any aspect of the Star Wars Universe, as long as the figure will fit on a 3?-inch-scale blister card. This winning character will be made into a figure that will be available to everyone in the basic figure line, not an exclusive. The entire universe was yours to choose from!

Then, once the nominees were submitted, ToyFare #105 announced the top 25 characters requested by fans, and opened up the polls for voters to pick their favorite.

Now, after long months of lengthy debates and waiting in agony, the winner is finally going to be revealed! I can't tell you who made the final list or I'll die a slow, painful death in the belly of a sarlacc over a thousand years.


Okay, so who will emerge victorious and join the elite group of action figures from the past who you wanted made? ToyFare #109, on sale July 12, will at long last reveal the winner of the 2006 Fan's Choice Figure Poll! Read the issue and find out who won! ;)

But wait, there's much more Star Wars goodies in this issue!

Look for a new Visual Photo Guide for Hasbro's Clone Wars figures from the animated series. This guide will include every figure in the line, I guarantee it. (How can I do that? You'll have to wait for that...)

In addition, Gentle Giant's line of Clone Wars maquettes will be included, and there will even be a behind-the-scenes look at Gentle Giant's new animated-style Classic Trilogy line of statues.

But you still want more? Okay, how does a complete price guide to Star Wars action figures sound?
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