Posted by Curto on July 12, 2006 at 03:46 PM CST
ToyFare #109 is the issue you've all been waiting for! Well, it's the issue that I've been waiting for, I'll tell you that much!

Fan's Choice Figure Winner(s)
I know you've all been waiting for months to find out just who Hasbro is going to make into an action figure in 2007, but the results had to be kept a secret until this issue. While the results were leaked by a lucky subscriber who got a copy earlier this week over at TNI and SSG, here it is again, just in case you blinked and missed it:

Quinlan Vos was the character who received the most votes out of the Top 25 selections. Fans have been practically begging for Vos to be made into an action figure for years, as he's been at the center of the majority of Dark Horse Comics tales throughout the Clone Wars. There's just one small problem...Hasbro is already making a Quinlan Vos figure as part of a 2-pack with Vilmarh Grahrk! So, how about making a second Vos figure, perhaps in his Dark Side outfit? No such luck.

But if it's a dark side you're eager to see, look no further than Darth Revan from the Knights of the Old Republic video game. Revan earned the second-highest number of votes, and with Vos bumped, that means Revan moves into the top spot.

Of course, sometimes Revan is on the light side. Sometimes he's a he, and sometimes she's a she. How can that be? Because Revan is the character you play as during the game. Who voted for this character? Is the fix in? What about the Top 5 Forum favorite list I posted last week? Hey, I've been telling you for months now...FANS WANT KOTOR (and EU) FIGURES! And while debates over SWINO characters will always continue, it would appear these fans have spoken...and they are a larger group than the members of our forums!

More Fan's Choice Finalists Revealed
Okay, so now that the winner is revealed...who else from the 25 is going to be made? Check out the updated scorecard above to see who's rumored and/or confirmed, but there are a few new additions:
  • Kir Kanos from Crimson Empire will also be part of the 2-pack series, packed with a "mystery" figure...none other than Carnor Jax. Check out the issue for the photos of the pair.
  • Mara Jade is also now confirmed as being in the same 2-pack series, but who she will be paired up with is still anyone's guess. One possibility is her husband Luke Skywalker from the Star Wars: Union comic series, but Talon Karrde from the Thrawn Trilogy would also be cool, or maybe even a new Thrawn himself?

    All characters from the Expanded Universe! Looks like the report last week from The Jawa was right on.

    Clone Wars Toy Photo Guide
    This is the section of the magazine I'm most excited about. A complete photo guide to the Clone Wars animated series toys and statues. EVERY animated-style figure is displayed, described, and defined for your viewing pleasure. How do I know they are all there? Because all those figures in the guide are mine! Yes, that's very own collection was drafted to help in this photo guide. But as cool as that is, there's more than just toys in the guide. Gentle Giant's line of Clone Wars maquettes are included as well, along with a look at the upcoming Series 7 Bust-Ups and the Roron Corobb maquette.

    Gentle Giant Gets Animated
    Think the Clone Wars series is the only source for animated-style collectibles? Think again! ToyFare goes behind the scenes of Gentle Giant's upcoming Star Wars Animated statues with a peek into the sketchbook for the Darth Vader, Princess Leia with R2-D2, and Boba Fett statues...done in a new animated style! Plus, if you look closely, you'll spot designs for another statue as well!

    And it's not just Star Wars that'll be made in this animated style...there's also a peek at Lord of the Rings as well. Plus, taking the concept in the opposite direction is Disney's Dragonkind line that turns animated characters (dragons, of course) into realistic sculptures.

    Star Wars Price Guide
    FInally, if that's not enough Star Wars for you...then be sure to check out the price guide for this issue. It's got everything from action figures, mini-busts, prop replicas, and Japanese collectibles. Plus, you might even spot a few more pieces from my collection in this section.

    Anything Besides Star Wars?
    You might be thinking this issue is all about the Force and nothing else. Not so! Check out the first look at Hasbro's plans for the Marvel Comics license (Annihilus! Superhero Squad!), DC statues, Transformers, Rocky, Pirates of the Caribbean, and naturally a new installment of Twisted ToyFare Theatre!

    ToyFare #109 is available at comic stores now, and on newsstands on July 26. If you spot me at a show or on the street, I might be persuaded to sign a copy for ya, fanboy! ;)
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