Posted by Curto on July 4, 2003 at 07:58 AM CST
If you've been following the Shadows of the Empire series of updates throughout the month of June, then you've seen everything from action figures to books to comics to cards to a CD soundtrack as part of 1996's multimedia crossover event.

One of the more enjoyable aspects I had in putting together this series of updates was discovering just how many collectibles were actually created. I'm still discovering more items all the time, mostly thanks to reader feedback. You've already seen an update to our comic book cover gallery thanks to some of our readers. But there are a few more that I'd like to acknowledge.

First a big thanks to Thomas John Spanos, who not only informed me of a few items, but also took the time to photograph a few of them for our archives. Thomas provided shots of the Action Fleet Virago, as well as today's new additions; the Prince Xizor mask, Logo Mug, and the Outrider chess piece. Look for an update on Thomas's current project, which all Shadows fans will enjoy.

On the trading card front, thanks to James L Fromm for providing scans of the box artwork and to the folks over at TheForce.Net for the use of the scans of each card in the series.

Thanks again to Marilyn, Todd, and Juan for the updates to the comic book gallery, but also to Tia, Laura, and Jason who wrote in let me know about a few other comics that we'll be featuring in the near future.

Marco Rosichelli and Andrew Notebaert pitched in above and beyond and helped with the packaging shots of the action figures and vehicles, sometimes even sending the toys through the mail for me to shoot!

And just when I was putting this article together, Aaron Slagle sent in a few photos of the "Galaxy Empire" bootlegs and the Logo Keychain.

As you can see, there are plenty of different items that are part of the adventure, and we'll be keeping track of them all in our new Shadows of the Empire section of the Photo Archives. Be sure to keep checking back in the coming weeks for new additions.
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