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This bounty hunter is my kind of Rebel Scum. The newest issue of Star Wars Insider goes on sale in the US and Canada on March 12, in the UK April 4.

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In this issue of Star Wars Insider we profile the kind of individuals who either strove to rule the galaxy far, far, away; were thrust into such a position; or struck their own paths leading crime gangs and other nefarious groups. On a lighter note, we get arty with creature concept designer Jake Lunt Davies; meet Ethan Sacks, the writer behind Marvel Comics’ thrilling Bounty Hunter series; and get the Max Rebo Band back together to remember their heady days on the set of Return of the Jedi as the biggest musical act in the galaxy.

We also begin a two-part retrospective of The Bad Batch with the creative team behind its three-season run, and speak to the showrunner and writers of Young Jedi Adventures. Plus, the Adrens board a derelict Nihil ship in an all-new and exclusive The High Republic short story from Lydia Kang!

In this issue:

The talented Star Wars creature concept designer – and illustrator of our exclusive The High Republic short fiction – talks about his process and his work on the movies and TV series.

What does it take to rule a galaxy? Insider looks at the most powerful – and divisive – figures in galactic history.

As the series enters its third and final season, Insider speaks with the makers of the hit Disney+ show in the first half of an in-depth two-part interview.

The writer of Marvel Comics’ Bounty Hunters series on creating stories for the galaxy’s scum and villains.

Insider speaks to the puppeteers and performers who brought the Max Rebo band to life.

The creative team of Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures talk about the animated series.

The Adrens board a derelict Nihil ship in “Survivors” by Lydia Kang.

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