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A new Insider collectors edition is here Rebelscum!

The High Republic: Starlight Stories
Tales from a more civilized age…
This volume features original fiction chronicling the days of the High Republic centuries prior to the fall and purge of the Jedi Order.

The stories feature heroic new Jedi and a new central setting, the Starlight Beacon, a space station located on the galactic frontier, as we meet the personnel and visitors in tales that are both epic and personal.

Additionally, story architects Claudia Gray, Justina Ireland, Daniel José Older, Cavan Scott, and Charles Soule discuss their work on building the bold new vision for the Star Wars galaxy.

Available at:
Forbidden Planet
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5 original stories from the galactic frontier.

Step aboard the Starlight Beacon and join Administrator Velko Jahen, Chief Ghal Tarpfen, and Jedi from the High Republic Era as they face: a mysterious assassination attempt; a strange distress call; a threat from the carnivorous Drengir… and more!

This special edition collects five, two-part short stories first presented in Star Wars Insider magazine, featuring tales by The New York Times bestselling authors Justina Ireland, Cavan Scott, and Charles Soule. This deluxe collector’s edition also includes in-depth interviews exploring the creative process behind the series.

In this issue:

• “Go Together” by Charles Soule
The Starlight Beacon receives a mysterious distress call.

• “First Duty” by Cavan Scott
Tensions run high when there is an assassination attempt aboard the station.

• “Hidden Danger” by Justina Ireland
A conference on the Starlight Beacon is disrupted by the slippery Drengir.

• “Past Mistakes” by Cavan Scott
An old flame of Velko Jahen’s arrives on the station.

• “Shadows Remain” by Justina Ireland
A strange dream sets a series of dramatic events in motion for Ghal Tarpfen.

Have you been keeping up with the stories from The High Republic? What do you like about the series? Are you looking forward to the tie-in with the upcoming The Acolyte Disney+ streaming series which takes place during the final days of The High Republic era? Let us know what you think in the forums!

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