Posted by Jeremy on May 15, 2018 at 04:26 PM CST
In what appears to be a mis-timed post by an LEGO certified retailer on Russian-language social media page is this potential first image of the new 75218 X-Wing Starfighter, which was initially reported by Rebelscum late last year.

This 731 piece version has spring loaded missile launchers mounted on each wing, stud shooters either side of the cockpit, a very 3-3/4" vintage look and what appears to be a lever at the back of the fuselage - perhaps as a new s-foil activation method.

While initial rumours suggested that there would be two pilot minifigs and two astromechs, the above image of this set shows only two minifigs: the pilot clearly appears to be wearing a Biggs Darklighter helmet and an astromech which Wookipeedia denotes as R2-Q2. Unfortunately the grainy image doesn't make it clear what the patterning on the dome is so it's not possible to say with certainty if it is the Legends droid.

What is known is that this set will hit shelves at the start of August and have a price point of US$79.99/99.99

With only one X-wing currently available through LEGO it's high time the Original Trilogy was represented.
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